Brid Smith TD welcomes the latest Irish Times Ipsos MRBI poll on Repeal 8th Referendum

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Three Fianna Fail committee members indicate support for legal abortion up to 12 weeks gestation, without restriction.

People Before Profit TD Brid Smith is a member of the Joint Oireachtas Committee on the Eighth Amendment and spoke today about the prospects of a majority report to be voted and agreed on Wednesday 13 December.

“The majority of the committee indicated by way of statements last week that they favoured a Repeal Simpliciter and for an early referendum to be held. It has become crystal clear over the months of deliberation and witness presentations to the committee that there is a strong case for Repealing the Eight Amendment to allow women in this country access abortion in Ireland. Women can and do access abortion in the UK and in other countries such as Holland.”

“Continuing this arrangement is like an Irish solution to an Irish problem and puts the lives and health of women at risk continually.”

The latest Ipsos MRBI poll indicating a 62% majority in favour of Repeal is very welcome and comes hot on the heels of the news that three Fianna Fail members of the committee are in favour of legal abortion up to 12 weeks without restriction. This too is very welcome news. It means that there is now a very strong possibility for a majority recommendation in line with the Citizens Assembly who recommended unrestricted access up to 12 weeks.

“I am urging the Sinn Fein members of the committee to get on the right side of history and to do as Fianna Fail have done. If Sinn Fein would indicate support for this measure there would be a definte and strong majority in favour of the 12 weeks on request.”

People Before Profit are also calling for measures in line with the Citizens Assembly for access to abortion with regard to the Health and Life of pregnant persons. Other issues such as contraception to be made freely available as part of a universal health care system are included in motions from Deputy Brid Smith. Deputy Smith has also submitted a motion calling for comprehensive sex education in schools  not to be subjected to any religious ethos.

“I am optimistic that the committee will achieve a majority report that recommends to the Dail an early referendum, without replacing the 8th in the constitution but rather seeing women’s reproductive health and in particular access to abortion as part of the wider health and maternity services.”


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