Brid Smith TD demands the survivors of Mother & Baby Homes testimonies be retrieved.

We tried today to put a pause, for a year, on shutting down the Commission of Inquiry into the Mother and Baby Homes. They had produced a very flawed Report that many survivors were hurt by. And to add insult to injury, the testimonies given by the survivors to the enquiry were put in serious jeopardy with threats being of permanently erased. I spoke on this in the Dáil today. Tragically, the upshot was that despite the Dáil vote to extend the life of the Commission, the Minister is choosing not to accede to the wishes of the survivors. Interestingly, having said the testimonies were not retrievable, it now turns out (after the survivors fought for the truth) that they in fact are. We’ll keep fighting to have the rights of the survivors, and of history, vindicated. Shame on Roderick O Gorman and the rotten govt he’s part of