Brid Smith is endorsed by UNITE the Union


Cllr. Brid Smith, the People Before Profit European candidate for Dublin is endorsed as a candidate by Unite, the Union.

Commenting Bríd Smith said: “I am very proud to be endorsed by my own trade union, Unite. I have been a proud and active member of Unite where I work as a tutor, training shop stewards to represent workers.

“One of the many reasons I want to run for Europe is highlight the way that the EU is trying to attack and undermine workers rights. For example, the EU has recently established a ‘nominal unit labour cost’ measure which seeks to limit wage rises over a three year period. The EU Commission is trying to block strong health and safety measures under the guise of removing ‘red tape’.

“Sometimes EU directives can be used to improve workers conditions. But, invariably, the Irish government tries to weaken these mild measures. I shall highlight every directive that can be used to  help workers and fight for them to be made Irish law.

“As an MEP I shall act as a watchdog for workers rights. To that end I will not take the massive ‘fat cat’ EU salary but only the average workers’ wage and will donate the rest to political campaigning for working people.”

Jimmy Kelly, Regional Secretary of Unite , the union said: “I am proud to support Bríd Smith in her campaign to represent Dublin in the European Parliament. Bríd has a track record of social and political activism second to none. This year, let’s make our vote count by voting for someone who will make the voices of working people heard.”

1 Comment on “Brid Smith is endorsed by UNITE the Union

  1. Good luck in your Euro election campaign Brid, unfortunately I don’t have the vote in Dublin (I’m in Co. Meath) but I will be supporting Independent/left candidates in my own area on May 23rd.

    You may be aware of the Democratic Europe Now campaign, who are promoting an Action Day next Saturday 17 May, maybe you are even doing something specific to that campaign on the day?

    Regards, Pat Naghten (retired Unite member)