Bríd Smith calls on child poverty to be tackled as a national crisis

Bríd Smith calls on child poverty to be tackled as a national crisis

Bríd Smith calls on child poverty to be tackled as a national crisis

Later this week the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child will examine Ireland’s record on children’s rights.  The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission has submitted 59 recommendations across a range of areas including child poverty, highlighting the negative impact of the changes to the One-Parent Family Payment.

Last week One Family, who work and represent lone parents, launched their election manifesto with proposals to help end child poverty.

SPARK, a campaign group of single parents, are contacting all parties and independents to support their call to end poverty in one parent families. Unfortunately both groups’ calls are falling on deaf ears, not just with the Government but also with some of the opposition.  Child poverty rates in Ireland are scandalous with 12% of children living in consistent poverty, and over a third of children suffering deprivation. For children in one parent households this rises to 60% of children suffering deprivation regularly.

Cllr Brid Smith of People Before Profit says “Child poverty in one parent families is scandalous and must be seen as a crisis. We are all aware of the housing and health crisis, but for some reason child poverty has been dropped by many as an issue of national importance. In the particulars of increased deprivation and consistent poverty in one parent families there are solutions. Both One Family and SPARK have put forward proposals that can be acted on immediately.”

People Before Profit fully supports the One Family election 2016 manifesto and proposals by campaign group SPARK.

Brid Smith says “I have no faith in Minster James Reilly who will represent the state on Thursday when we are examined by the United Nations. We can just hope that the state is forced to implement any recommendations. Sinn Fein and Fianna Fail are not looking to fully reverse the cuts of Budget 2012 imposed by Fine Gael and Labour. We cannot seriously tackle child poverty if we don’t at the least make a start with our poorest families.”


For more information- Cllr Bríd Smith- 087 909 0166