Bríd Smith calls for repeal of 8th Amendment and legislation for woman’s right to choose

Brid SmithBríd Smith calls for repeal of 8th Amendment and legislation for woman’s right to choose

Call comes as Ireland to be questioned at UN over human rights record

People Before Profit TD, Bríd Smith, has called for Ireland to initiate a referendum to repeal the 8th Amendment and to legislate for a woman’s right to choose. Ireland is a country with the most draconian legislation in regards to women’s reproductive rights.

Deputy Smith also called on all other EU nations to look at their own restrictive legislation and practices around the issue of women’s access to abortions.

Deputy Smith called for Ireland to simply trust women in choosing what is best for themselves.

Deputy Smith said: “With Ireland being questioned on our human rights record with in the UN Periodic Review I am calling for Ireland to hold a referendum, within the next 6 months, to repeal the draconian 8th Amendment from our constitution.

“The 8th Amendment is a disgusting piece of legislation which classes women as second class citizens because it prevents women from having full autonomy over their bodies, unlike men.

“The 8th Amendment is also an issue of class. Women who have enough money are able to go to the UK to obtain abortions. This is not the case for women who belong to lower socio-economic groups. Women who cannot afford to travel to the UK are forced to bring unwanted pregnancies to full term.

“It is disgraceful that in Ireland we still have not even widened the grounds for abortions in cases of Fatal Foetal Abnormalities. It is barbaric in that women, whose pregnancies have been diagnosed with a Fatal Foetal Abnormality, have to bring the pregnancy to term.

“I am also calling for abortion pills to be approved for use in Ireland. No woman should be prosecuted for using abortion pills purchased through the Internet.

“I would also suggest that all other countries look to legislate for women’s right to choose and address their own restrictive conditions.

“To have a child should be the decision of a woman- we are saying that women must be trusted to make their own decisions with their own bodies.”


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