Bríd defends pension rights to the Minister for Social Protection

We need to be vigilant, because pensions are coming under attack – not the the gold-plated €100k plus that senior ‘public servants’ enjoy, but ordinary people’s pensions. Let’s be clear – PENSIONS ARE OUR RIGHT, and trying to dodge paying them, or making us work longer, is not going to wash. Pensions are deferred wages that workers have earned. Our national pension pot was robbed of €20 Billion to bail out banks. Now the government wants a ‘commission’ to review pensions. Not needed. Simply increase the bosses contribution to PRSI (one of the lowest in Europe). And why not tax the banks and the super-rich, there’s more of them than ever and they’re richer than ever too! The ‘Grey vote’ has clout, and groups like Pensioners for Equality will be keeping a close eye.