Cllr gets backing opposing pollution from Thornton’s plant

Cllr gets backing opposing pollution from Thornton’s plant

Cllr Brid Smith successfully put down a motion at the SOUTH CENTRAL AREA COMMITTEE of DUBLIN CITY COUNCIL today (15th July 2015). The motion was agreed by the committe and  is outlined below. This is just one more event in the long saga of challenging Thorntons who continue to disregard the welfare of local residents. Brid is pledged to continuing the struggle to force this company to clean up their act.

Motion 227 , put down by Councillor Bríd Smith:

Once again this Area Committee condemns the pollution afflicted on the residents of Ballyfermot because of the activities of Thorntons on Killeen Road. For more than ten years local people have been campaigning to end the anti social impact of Thorntons Recycling plant on the area. However, despite protests, petitions, complaints, meetings with Thorntons and the EPA on many occasions, this nuisance persists and is incredibly offensive during the summer months. Therefore this Area Committee will write a strong complaint on behalf of the residents of Ballyfermot to the following:

– Thorntons Recycling, Killeen Road

– EPA Enforcement Section

– Minister for the Environment


Such a letter must also request a full review of the licence issued to Thorntons Recycling on Killeen Road, given its proximity to a densely populated area.


A letter will be forwarded to Thorntons Recycling, EPA Enforcement Section and the Minister for the Environment.