Varadkar’s RIC commemoration comments unbecoming of an Irish Taoiseach

People Before Profit TD says Varadkar’s RIC commemoration comments unbecoming of an Irish Taoiseach

People Before Profit TD Bríd Smith has said that the comments by Leo Varadkar about commemorations of the RIC that he is ‘disappointed to hear that some people are going to boycott the event were “unbecoming of a Taoiseach and shows a nonchalant attitude to the brutality of imperialist rule in Ireland and it shows the government’s hostility to all struggles, even the one that created the Irish State”.

The TD commended Dublin City Councillors for voting to boycott the event and she confirmed that she would refuse to attend such an event if invited.

She said that the Irish government’s attitude to the struggle against imperialism in 1920 is echoed by their attitude today in their cow towing to American imperialism through their facilitation of US troops and planes at Shannon.

She said: “The plans to commemorate British imperial rule in Ireland and the brutality that was inflicted on us by a colonial power is shocking. The event should not happen. The RIC and the Black and Tans tore through this country causing so much hurt and misery.

“The comments by Leo Varadkar that he is disappointed that people are boycotting the event are scandalous. They represent his nonchalant attitude to the brutality of British imperialist rule in Ireland. These comments are totally unbecoming of a Taoiseach.

“We reject any suggestion that there is an equivalence between those who fought for Irish freedom and those that backed the crown occupation forces.

“Furthermore, we have to ban US military planes and arms coming through Shannon as it is a clear example of our government’s cow towing to US imperialism.

 “I will be more than happy to disappoint the Taoiseach, as I would never attend such a disgraceful ceremony.”


Contact- Bríd Smith TD 087 909 0166

Nick Lee (Press Officer) 087 615 6473

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