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Bríd Smith TD speaks on Coronavirus in Dáil March 5, 2020

Brid outlines shortcomings of government response to Coronavirus, and expresses disquiet about the implications of ‘intellectual property rights’ on treatment.  

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School secretaries protest outside Dail Eireann

Thousands school secretaries have taken strike action today. They are protesting over a measly pay offer and to demand job security. People Before Profit fully supports the school secretaries. It is a disgrace that the Workplace Relations Commission awarded them

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Brid Smith TD with Kieran Mulvey on Just Transition for workers, especially of BNM

Kieran Mulvey has been appointed Commissioner for Just Transition. He attended our Climate Committee today and we had an opportunity to raise concerns. One point I raised is that management of Bord na Mona seem a great pains to avoid

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Bríd Smith TD raises questions about PDFORRA’s right to full recognition

Our soldiers and sailors are workers and they have a right to proper recognition of their union, PDFORRA, and to be in ICTU. I asked today in the Dáil why the delay over this. The dithering is not acceptable. The

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Bríd Smith TD speaks out for school secretaries

Fine Gael like to present themselves as being all about equality, yet they treat SCHOOL SECRETARIES like second class citizens. Some are employed directly by the Department but many are not, and so they want parity, a simple demand. It

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Bríd Smith TD slams Minister over Bord na Móna Workers & Just Transition

With Bord na Móna workers visiting in the Dáil gallery, Bríd outlines what a rotten job the government has done in safeguarding the workers in the peat industry as they face the end of peat production, in line with the

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Brid Smith TD demands union recognition for NASRA

Speaking up for NASRA paramedics who are demonstrating outside the Dáil today. Government must instruct the HSE to negotiate with the Trade Union of the workers’ choice

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Brid Smith TD discussing with SNAs.

Special Needs Assistants do amazing work. The challenges of helping children with special needs through school, are immense. But these skilled, essential workers are undermined, underpaid and undervalued by the very organisation that should cherish them – the Department of

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Brid Smith TD champions the rights of retired Semi-State and State workers

Public Sector and Semi-state pensioners are being done down by the government, and lack a mechanism whereby their grievances can be addressed. Brid addresses a protest outside Dail Eireann, Oct 2019 called by the retirees.

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Brid Smith TD defends parental leave rights

IBEC is the bosses union and they have some neck. They wanted an amendment passed to proposed legislation affecting workers returning to the job after parental leave. If passed, it would mean the worker would NOT necessarily get their old

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