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The Dáil must defend workers’ rights

Brid spoke in the Dail demanding legislation to stop companies like UBER and Deliveroo preventing workers from organising effectively. Such companies use bogus ‘self-employment contracts’ deliberately to undermine the rights of their workers to organise collectively in defence of their

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Brid Smith TD calls for mass pickets at Tesco

Brid’s rounds on Mary Mitchell O’Connor and Fianna Fáil for their phoney concern for workers. She calls for a mass picket this Sat 25 Feb, at 12.00 of Tesco shops in solidarity with the strikers there.

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TESCO solidarity action is a beautiful thing!

The solidarity shown by workers in 15 Tesco shops to a minority of Tesco employees is “a beautiful thing”, as Brid said on the Vincent Brown programme. Right wingers don’t get that. They’ve a hole in their sole!

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Bríd demands Ross restores Bus Eireann subvention.

Speaking in the Dail this evening, Bríd demands Minister Shane Ross restores the subvention needed to maintain pubic transport services in Bus Eireann, congradulates the stance of the workers there and slates Fianna Fail for posing as the worker’s friend, while

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Unfair ‘unfair dismissals’ laws and the Dunnes Stores strike.

Brid offers an example – an historic case of the Dunnes Stores strike 30 years ago – where unfair ‘unfair dismissals’ practices were used against the shop steward Karen Gearon.

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Defending workers rights for pay rises

Brid defends the priciple of PAYBACK TIME FOR WORKERS!

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Wages are down, profits are up; workers need a pay rise

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Kenny challenged on 10cent per hour increase for lower-paid workers

Brid Smith TD, today challenged the Taoiseach on the disgrace of 10cent per hour increase proposed for lower-paid workers

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Brid Smith urges support for bus workers’ pay claim SIPTU members vote overwhelmingly for strike action

People Before Profit TD Brid Smith has welcomed another large vote for industrial action by Dublin bus drivers who are members of SIPTU. This follows a similarly large majority in favor of industrial action in the other major union, the

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Stop docking public sector pay!

  Dáil, June 23. Bríd demands the goverment end emergency legisation that docks pay for public sector workers

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