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Protest against zero-hour contracts outside Dept of an Taoiseach today

Proud to stand with these workers who highlight the realities of precarious work practices

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  Michael O Leary is the poster boy for the Irish rich. He said things they dared not say. Above all, they loved his refusal to recognise unions for thirty two years. But their big hero has been broken. Co-ordinated

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TD says Ryanair climb-down welcome but workers still prepared to fight

Press Release- Bríd Smith TD, People Before Profit 15/12/2017 Brid Smith says O’Leary statement has boosted workers confidence but fight for full union rights still goes on People Before Profit TD, Brid Smith, has said she is delighted that Ryanair, who

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Ryanair accused of 1913 style tactics by TD

“Bullying, blackmail and threats will not stop campaign for the right to union recognition,” says Brid Smith  TD People Before Profit TD, Brid Smith, has said that a letter sent by Ryanair to pilots in Bergamo Italy should be condemned by

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Brid Smith TD on FEMPI & Trades Unionism-a lesson to the Minister 7.12.17

FEMPI. The longest running emergency in the history of the State. The Minister wants to punish teachers for rejecting inequality in pay, and has difficulty with the concept of collective bargaining. So I explained it to him last night in

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Brid Smith TD speaking of FEMPI in Dáil, 7.12.17

HOMELESSNESS, FEMPI, PESCO . Q: What’s the odd-man-out? A: They only have money for the last one. PESCO is the new army they signed us up to lat night (neutrality???) at the cost of €3-4 billion – more than housing

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Brid Smith TD on FEMPI in Dáil 29.11.17

Public sector pay took a terrible hit during the resession years. So now that we are supposed to be in recovery – where is the pay restoration? This was my contribution to today’s debate  

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Brid Smith TD on transport issues in Dáil Eireann. 22.11.17

Will the tendering process for bus services help move people out of cars and into public transport? And can the Minister for Transport ensure that the tendering process will not become a race to the bottom for workers in their

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Brid Smith TD speaking on precarious work in Dáil 16.11.17

PRECARIOUS WORK,ZERO HOUR CONTRACTS – driving wages down because there’s less hours worked, with resulting poverty. Not so for employers. Profits are up, some by as much as 40% on pre-crash levels. A Bill to tackle these issues was debated

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Bríd challenges Minister for Defence on pay and conditions

In the Dáil today, Brid asked the Minister about pay for Defence Forces men and women, and how he expects to hold onto staff when wages are so low that many army and navy families are dependent on Family Income Supplement

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