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Brid on Vincent Browne programme; abortion debate

I was on the Vincent Browne programme recently sandwiched between 2 prominent anti-Choicers. Nasty – to say the least of it!

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‘FAIR DEAL’ OR ELDER ABUSE? Bríd on Vincent Browne programme.

On Vincent Browne the other night we made the point about how unfair the Fair Deal scheme is. The Devereux’s situation was the case in point – a couple married for 63 years and separated by the HSE’s ‘Fair Deal’;

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Brid Smith TD on Vincent Browne programme 13.6.17

On the day in which retiring Taoiseach Enda Kenny is eulogised in the Dail and on the media, Brid tells it like it is on Vincent Browne programme.

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Brid Smith TD on Vincent Browne Programme June 1, 2017 52 views

selected clips. topics discussed include Trump and Repeal. There’s also a particulalry delicious moment with an obnoxious ‘Cummunications Consultant’

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Bríd Smith TD on Vincent Browne programme 23.5.17

Topics included war and terrorism post the Manchester bomb,and the trial of Seanie Fitzpatrick

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Brid with V Brown: FG leadership; Le Pen; Abortion

Brid’s contributions on this programme are outlined here. Three issues were: Leadership of FG; Le Pen’s candidacy for president of France; the Citizens’ Assembley and abortion.

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Brid defends Bus Eireann strikers on Vincent Browne programme

Brid speaks on March 30, on the Vincent Brown programme in defence of the Bus Eireann stike, which also featured some of a recent Dail speech on the same topic

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Bríd on Vincent Browne – Enda coming or going? Enough already – says Bríd

  Bríd was on Vincent Brown last night. More banging on about Enda Kenny’s leadership – is he coming or going? Some  on the panel tried to refer to what matters – the fact that this (and previous Fianna Fáil-led) governments

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Brid on Tonight with Vincent Browne on 2nd March


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