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Brid Smith TD on Vincent Browne Programme June 1, 2017 52 views

selected clips. topics discussed include Trump and Repeal. There’s also a particulalry delicious moment with an obnoxious ‘Cummunications Consultant’

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Bríd on THE WEEK IN POLITICS, selected clips.

Bríd takes on Minister Simon Harris regarding the Tuam babies case and what the State must do. She also discusses International women’s day, State corruption and Kenny’s visit to Trump. March 12 2017.  

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Brid Smith TD on Sean O Rourke programme, re Donald Trump

Speaking on RTE radio 1, Feb 3, in group discussion on Donald Trump and the Sinn Fein invitation to him, to visit Ireland.

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Brid demands that Flanagan condemns Trump’s anti-Palestinian move

Brid asks the Govt and Charlie Flanagan to condemn outright the threats of Trump to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem; a move that is a calculated insult to Palestinians everywhere while Israel continues to illegally build settlements

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Caligula’s horse was better than Trump’s appointees!

Brid slates the US president elect and his appointees, and asks Kenny how low does Trump have to get before we renounce him.  

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Bríd on Sean O Rourke radio programme, 18 Nov ’16

Clips of Bríd discussing Landsdown Rd, public sector pay, transport, climate change, Donald Trump and Ibrahim Halawa 18/11/16

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