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Brid on the Tonight Show, 26.2.20

A selection of clips from Brid on TV3 discussing the election results, possibilities of a ‘left leaning government’ and Sinn Fein – their rallies, and their options.  

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Bríd Smith TD on The Tonight Show 8.1.20 (Part 2)

clips of Brid’s take on the proposed commemoration of the Black and Tans and the raising the pension eligability age to 67.    

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Brid on The Tonight Show 10.10.19

Brid puts Niall Boylan back his box while defending Extinction Rebellion… and…other topics include cross border opportunities, vaccination and JUST TRANSITION. SHOW MORE

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Bríd Smith TD on The Tonight Show – the Hard Border – June 2019

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Brid Smith TD on Brexit, the Border, and the GAA

On the Tonight Show TV3, 19.7.18. Topics – Brexit, mostly and the border, and some comments about GAA. Brief clips from the show.

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Brid Smith TD – The Tonight Show

I was on The Tonight Show, 12.7.18. Some clips here – football, Brexit, Palestine, the Presidency….

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