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Brid Smith TD in Dáil; discussing Social Welfare Bill, 2017 – PRSI payments

Last night I addressed the fact that Irish employers make the lowest PRSI payments in the EU. No wonder our services are in bits! If they paid their fair share, our services could be better off to the tune of

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My God! Tax the rich… the very idea….

On the Late Debate 5.10.17, Cormac the presenter does what you come to expect from most of the Irish media; can hardly believe his ears – the notion of it!! Tax the rich!!! Improve public services!!! People Before Profit’s alternative

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Brid Smith TD on Late Debate programme re Rural Ireland, 19.9.17

RURAL IRELAND DONE DOWN. I was on the Late Debate radio programme the other evening and spoke about the ‘great initiative’ from Minister Humphries last year, that meant diddly squat to most rural communities. ‘And where would we get the

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There is evidence that tax breaks given to support the film industry for training purposes, are in fact being used to undermine actual jobs in the industry. I raised this issue in the Dail.

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