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Brid speaks in support of Farmers protest in Dáil.

The big ranchers and beef Barons like Larry Goodman are doing down the family farm and those dependent on it. Great to see these small to medium farmers standing up against the big bosses of Agri business, through their own

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Brid Smith TD on the Late Debate, 9.5.19


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Brid Smith TD challenges the Minister over ‘slash and burn’ approach to Heritiage

THEY TRY TO DEVIDE US, rural and urban, but the environment is EVERYONE’S concern. If the government restored the cuts they made to local authorities they would, for a change, do the right thing and help both the people and

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Bríd Smith on Rural Ireland, RTE radio 11.5.18

RURAL IRELAND NEEDS MORE THAN THE DRINK-LINK. Brid spoke on the radio about this recently – Sean O Rourke, RTE, 11.5.18. This audio recording has some commentary.

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Brid Smith TD on Broadband Services, Dáil cmmtte 27.9.17

SEXISM ALIVE AND WELL on the committee I sit on in the Dáil. I had to fight for my turn to speak today. I spoke on the fiasco BROADBAND SERVICES in this country. Why is the delivery of broadband such

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Brid Smith TD on Late Debate programme re Rural Ireland, 19.9.17

RURAL IRELAND DONE DOWN. I was on the Late Debate radio programme the other evening and spoke about the ‘great initiative’ from Minister Humphries last year, that meant diddly squat to most rural communities. ‘And where would we get the

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