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Water Charges and who should pay – Bríd vs FG on Late Debate

Bríd was on the Late Debate on Radio1 recently about water charges and made the case for how water could, and should be paid for by taxes on wealth and corporations, not on ordinary people. She got the better of

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No way – we won’t pay!

They can commission all the reports they like, and Fianna Fail can be for and against at the same time, in their usual two-faced way, but bottom line is what I said on the news tonight. We are not paying

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“Water Commission a set up to get Fianna Fail off the hook” says TD

Deputy Bríd Smith reacted to today’s Irish Examiner story by calling the Water Commission a preordained farce. The Irish Examiner story leaked some of the key elements of the commission report due out on Wednesday.   The story suggested that

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No privatisation of water – not now, nor in the future!

Bríd speaks in the Dail, Nov 9, 2016, supporting the bill for a referendum on the privatisation of water services now and  into the future and places the issue in an international and global context

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Telling it like it is on water charges – the lies undermine democracy

Bríd addresses the Dáil Sept 28th on the water charges issue, calling out Fianna Fail and Labour on their failure to respect democracy and lying to the people over water charges.

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Brid Smith urges support for Right2Water demo Sept 17

In a statement issued by Brid Smith TD, the People Before Profit deputy claimed that Fine Gael are trying to bring back water charges through the back door. The newly elected TD for Dublin South Central said “They lost the

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Brid slams sham debate on water charges

Brid Smith won’t be silenced when they pretend to debate

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Brid Smith TD speaking outside Dail before the vote on Water Charges, May 2016

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Bríd speaking at anti-water chargers protest before Dáil motion to abolish the charges

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Water Charges Protest 25th May while Dáil debates motion for abolition

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