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Bríd Smith TD and IFPA on Joint Committee for Repeal 8th amendment

I sit on the Joint committee for Repeal of the 8th amendment. Dr Caitriona Henchion, from the IFPA was like a breath of fresh air. It was very helpful to put questions to her about the socio-economic factors surrounding abortion

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Bríd Smith TD and CPP on Joint Committee for Repeal 8th amendment 15.11.17

HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF EUROS OF PUBLIC MONEY IS GOING TO ANTI CHOICE ORGANISATIONS. I sit on the Joint committee on Repeal of 8th. Yesterday reps from the Crisis Pregnancy Programme (CPP), a state agency funded through the HSE, attended

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Bríd queries Taoiseach on timing of Referndum on Repeal of 8th

REFERENDUM IN MAY – NOT JUNE! This is the point Bríd made to Varadkar this morning. Students, who were out in their thousands on Saturday last, demanding bodily autonomy MUST HAVE A VOTE. By June, many of the students will have

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PBP TD claims FG are cowards for suggesting they might not support Citizens’ Assembly recommendations

Press Release- Brid Smith, People Before Profit, 28/09/2017 People Before Profit TD, Brid Smith, has claimed Fine Gael are cowards for suggesting that they might not support the recommendations of the Citizens’ Assembly, because they feel its recommendations for the legalisation

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Bríd Smith TD queries the timing of Referendum on Repeal. Dáil 28.9.17

It would suit the right wing agenda to have colleges closed by the time we have the Referendum on the 8th Amendment. This would desenfranchise many young people. Lets make sure the Government does not succeed in their manouevering for

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PBP TD Bríd Smith speaks at Abortion Rights Campaign press conference

The TD call people to mobilise for the March for Choice to send a loud and clear message that the 8th amendment must be repealed and not replaced People Before Profit TD Bríd Smith today appeared at the Abortion Rights Campaign

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Bríd and Mick Barry TD on Morning Ireland, 18.9.17

Bríd and Mick Barry (Solidarity) were on Morning Ireland on RTE radio this morning; here’s brief clips on 3 things: 1 Our housing Bill – we want the RIGHT TO A HOME IN THE CONSITUTION. 2 On the promised Referendum

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Bríd addresses Women’s Day march out Dáil Eireann

After a great day of protest and celebration, the Coalition to Repeal the Eighth march, from Parnell Sqare, arrived at Dáil Éireann. Bríd addressed the crowd of thousands

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Bríd Smith, TD vs Cora Sherlock, anti-choice campaigner, on Newstalk radio

Bríd takes on Cora Sherlock in this brief debate and wins hands down.  Click on the link below to listen https://youtu.be/NsRDxZ_7Vww

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The ‘People’s Assembly’ on Repealing the 8th – how can it represent the people?

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