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An Nuacht. So we have the wording, lets finish the debate and put Repeal of the Eight to the people in good time.

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Brid Smith TD in Dáil debate regarding referendum on Repeal 9.3.18

The Dáil began its debate about the referendum on repeal of the eighth amendment to the consitution. Bríd’s powerful speech included tragic stories from the 80’s and her time in an abortion clinic. She makes a very strong appeal to

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Bríd queries Taoiseach on timing of Referndum on Repeal of 8th

REFERENDUM IN MAY – NOT JUNE! This is the point Bríd made to Varadkar this morning. Students, who were out in their thousands on Saturday last, demanding bodily autonomy MUST HAVE A VOTE. By June, many of the students will have

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Bríd Smith TD queries the timing of Referendum on Repeal. Dáil 28.9.17

It would suit the right wing agenda to have colleges closed by the time we have the Referendum on the 8th Amendment. This would desenfranchise many young people. Lets make sure the Government does not succeed in their manouevering for

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