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Bríd Smith TD on the abortion legislation debate Dáil 4.12.18

The hypocrisy of the anti-choicers is very evident in the debate this evening, as is their attitude to those of us representing women’s right to abortion legislation NOW.

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Bríd speaks at post-demo PBP meeting after March for Choice, Sept 30, 2017

After a wonder March for Choice – the biggest yet – People Before Profit Pro-Choice organised a post-demo meeting in the East Side Tavern on Leeson Street. Bríd’s speech opened the meeting.

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Brid on Vincent Browne programme; abortion debate

I was on the Vincent Browne programme recently sandwiched between 2 prominent anti-Choicers. Nasty – to say the least of it!

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Bríd Smith lashes out at the hypocrisy of those refusing to support AAA-PBP Bill on referendum to Repeal the 8th

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Brid Smith TD slams anti-choice bigots

A lively pro-choice demo was held outside the premises used by anti-choice bigots posing as a counselling service for women facing crisis pregnancy. The abusive practices, engaged in by these bigots, was exposed by an under-cover reporter for the London Times

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Brid speaking at Rally for Choice outside Four Courts to protest over criminalization of women who procure abortion pills in Northern Ireland

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