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Brid speaking on cross-party motion on Period Poverty

  A cross party motion on period poverty is welcome, and to be supported. The sickening irony is that many of those supporting this motion, were gung-ho for the policies that caused or exacerbated poverty among so many women, lone

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Bríd welcomes report on lone parents but demands action.

    Today in the Dáil I welcomed a new report on the position of lone parents in Ireland and referenced @S.P.A.R.K- Single Parents Acting for the Rights of our Kids. SPARK and others also welcome the report, but the

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Oxfam report shows massive wealth inequality growing, TASC shows this for Ireland‏

Oxfam report highlights massive inequality on a global level Report shows system is designed to favour the rich Recent report by TASC shows Ireland is deeply unequal despite government spin People Before Profit believes that the recent report by Oxfam

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