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Brid Smith TD in Dail on pensions issue

I’ve just finished speaking in Dail to the new Social Protection Minister. I spoke mostly on the pensions issue, and also about how unfair, and unproductive it is, to ignore tax cheats in the corporate sector, while hounding the poor.

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Brid Smith TD: demanding justice for women pensioners. Dáil July 5.17

I raised the issue of pension equality today in the Dáil. If the issue is not adequately and speedily addressed, there are many, many women in this country who are prepared to take to the streets and the government knows

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Brid Smith TD seeks answers on when pensions cuts might be reversed

Brid looked for clarity on when cuts to public sector pensions would be reversed. She got ‘minister-speak’ as an answer. Must be how you get to be a Minister – learn how to speak for ages and say nothing.

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Brid challenges Táiniste on widening gender gap

Published on 24 Feb 2017 In the Dáil yesterday Brid Smith TD pointed out the widening gender gap – women are earning less and getting less in pensions than they were, compared with men. She linked this to the struggle

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Serious amendment needed for Pensions Bill 2017

Brid outlines the history of pension rip-offs that have occurred – “an avalanche” of companies, household names, that effectively engage in theft from their employees, from Dennis O Brien’s Independent News & Media to Arnotts, and argues the the Bill

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Brid Smith TD speaking in the Dail on pension rights

Brid attacks the State for penalising pensioners, in particular female pensioners, and refers to the way in which greed trumped need in the way Independent News & Media responded to ‘their’ pensioners.

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Pension inequality – a serious issue to be addressed

Brid insisted on revisiting this issue because many pensioners, most of them women, stand to loose about 30 Euros per week in pension entitlements if the government is let get away with their plan to discriminate on an planned ‘ageist’

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Bríd challenges Varadkar on pensions inequality

Leo Varadkar has no real answers when Brid pushes him on the unfair way in which he stands over pensions inequality planned for in the Social Welfare Bill 2016. This exchange was on the Select Committee on Social Protection, Nov

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Pension equality – defend your rights!

Brid Smith has tabled amendments to the Social Welfare Act that could end discrimination against many pensioners who are recently retired but find their pension a lot loss than they expected. Under new guidelines introduced in 2012, the criteria for

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