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Bríd slams Coveney’s inaction on planned Israeli incursions into Palestine

“WE’RE TAKING MORE OF YOUR COUNTRY”. That’s effectively what Israel said to the Palestinians. More homes distroyed. More people killed. AND OUR GOVERNMENT IS COMPLICIT. They’ve blocked Bills condemning Israeli actions, supporting the dispossessed Palestinian people. How dare they…How dare

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Bríd challenges the Taoiseach over Brexit issues and over solidarity with Gaza


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Brid Smith TD – The Tonight Show

I was on The Tonight Show, 12.7.18. Some clips here – football, Brexit, Palestine, the Presidency….

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Brid demands that Flanagan condemns Trump’s anti-Palestinian move

Brid asks the Govt and Charlie Flanagan to condemn outright the threats of Trump to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem; a move that is a calculated insult to Palestinians everywhere while Israel continues to illegally build settlements

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