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Bríd slams Karen’s Bradley’s remarks on the Paras and demands resignation

Bradleys attempt to whitewash the crimes of the Para regiment cannot go unchallenged; I demanded that Coveney, instead of having dinner with Bradley, call in the British ambassador and support calls for her to resign. She didnt “misspeak” her claims

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Bríd Smith TD – where is our committment on abortion rights for NI women?

One of the most inspiring slogans raised on the day of the Repeal referendum was “The North is Next”. And the women in the North consistently supported us and campaigned down here with us. So why is there no mention

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Bríd challenges the Taoiseach over Brexit issues and over solidarity with Gaza


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People Before Profit condemns appointment of Drew Harris as Garda Commissioner

Press Release Harris has been widely criticised by victims groups of state/loyalist violence Bríd Smith TD  of People Before Profit has called on the Government to withdraw the appointment of Drew Harris as the Garda Commissioner, calling the appointment an

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Bríd Smith TD speaking in Dáil debates on Northern Ireland, 13.12.17

The Dáil is debating Northern Ireland – this will be a regular event! I was happy last night to have the opportunity to outline People Before Profit’s attitude to such issues as Brexit, Women’s and and LGBT+ rights, Irish unity

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Brid Smith TD speaks on the North in Dáil Éireann

YES TO PEACE…BUT THE PROCESS IS FATALLY FLAWED. I spoke yesterday in the Dáil about Northern Ireland. What James Connolly called ‘a carnival of reaction’ is right in your face, two rotten states, north and south, that pamper the corporations

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Bríd outlines what the EU and Northern Ireland mean for ordinary people living with austerity and neo-liberalism, in relation to the issue of Brexit, and demands a real democratic choice about how we live our lives.

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Brid questions Kenny on scandal in the North

I questioned the Taoiseach on the corruption scandal in the North and his meeting with Arlene Foster – the disgraced First Minister. Half a billion sterling has been wasted by those ín the know’- money that should have been used

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Bríd asking the people of Derry to vote for Eamonn McCann in the Stormont Assembly elections this Thursday.

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