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Bríd attacks record of corruption and cozy cartels at high levels in our State

Ironic that they got rid of Naughton because he could be perceived as being corrupt, but now rely on an ex minister (Lowry) that a tribunal has found to actually be corrupt! From Broadband, to Cervicalcheck and beyond, there is

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Bríd speaking about the Lowry judgement on Newstalk morning radio show

Bríd spoke on Newstalk radio this morning about the Lowry case. This is the audio clip. One law for the rich…one law for poor….

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Bríd in the Dáil committee on media issues – Dennis O Brien’s seeking media monopoly?

Bríd questions the impact of the proposed Dennis O’Brien’s  INM and CNML as a member of the Joint Committee on Communications, Climate Action and Environment. She reference the presence of Michael Lowry on this committee – appropriate??

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