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Brid Smith TD on Jobs Clubs and Local Employment Schemes.

  On our Jobs committee we had a report from researchers called Indecon, that showed that Jobs Clubs and Local Employment schemes are supportive and effective. They’re a public service, not to be confused with #JobPath and Seetec, which are

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Bríd Smith TD speaks to the Employment Bill amendment

An amendment that we wanted in the new Employment Bill, would protect workers to some small degree. We want existing workers, on low hours, to be offered any extra hours that become available, rather than the company taking on new

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Bríd on Dáil Jobs committee

WE HAVE MORE DOG WARDENS THAN LABOUR INSPECTORS. I’m on the Dail committee that deals with jobs. I spoke today on the underlying reasons for the abuse of foreign workers, especially those outside the EU. Government’s policies make them appear

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FEMPI – THE NEVER ENDING EMERGENCY:Brid Smith TD in the Dail 29.6.17

Financial Emergency Measures in the Public Interest  OR FEMPI is now the longest lasting piece of emergency legislation in the history of the State – despite the ‘recovery’. And the government wants to make it permanent. FEMPI ensures discrimination against

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There is evidence that tax breaks given to support the film industry for training purposes, are in fact being used to undermine actual jobs in the industry. I raised this issue in the Dail.

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Public funding for low quality jobs

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Calling all Environmentalists!

While disappointed that my amendments didn’t succeed in changing the new Energy Bill, I am happy that we made some progress on challenging the corporate bias in state agencies like the SEAI (Sustainable energy Agency). The new bill states that

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How we could create thousands of REAL jobs in Ireland

Dáil, June 2. Brid challenges government on ways to make real jobs available and save the environment

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