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Brid Smith TD challenges Minister on carers’ allowance and Jobpath scheme

Before Xmas I queried the Minister about the numbers of people refused carers’ allowance initially, who are then forced to appeal (which takes months) before being accepted. I also asked about the dramatic rise in the numbers of people penalised

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Bríd questions use of private for-profit agencies, to administer welfare.

PRIVATISED WELFARE. That’s more or less what the Dept of Social Protection did with dole and ‘job activation schemes’. A bit like the film “I Daniel Blake”. And this heartless and inhumane privatised system was warmly welcomed by our firends

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Brid Smith TD takes Dept of Social Protection to task over Jobpath & SeeTec

SeeTec are a private ‘for profit’ company used by the Dept of Social Protection to run ’employment activation’ services. They were done for fraud in the UK, but our government still gave them the contract, and unemployed people here are

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