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SOCIAL WELFARE BILL 2017 was discussed again in the Dáil today. Gross inequalities in pensions cost some pensioners, mainly women, up to €35 a week; this is as a result of new rules brought in in 2012 by Joan Burton. …

Brid Smith TD in Dáil; discussing Social Welfare Bill, 2017.Pensions inequality Read More »

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This is the second time I spoke on pensions yesterday (6.12.17) in the Dáil debate on the Social Welfare Bill 2017. We have been promised a report on pensions inequality for the last 9 months and still waiting. Pensioners for …

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Last night I addressed the fact that Irish employers make the lowest PRSI payments in the EU. No wonder our services are in bits! If they paid their fair share, our services could be better off to the tune of …

Brid Smith TD in Dáil; discussing Social Welfare Bill, 2017 – PRSI payments Read More »

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Published on 24 Feb 2017 In the Dáil yesterday Brid Smith TD pointed out the widening gender gap – women are earning less and getting less in pensions than they were, compared with men. She linked this to the struggle …

Brid challenges Táiniste on widening gender gap Read More »

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Radio recording from Feb 3, Radio 1. Brid defends ASTI and their committment to equality.

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A recent Oxfam report has shown how the top 1 percent of billionaires are gaining more of the world’s resources as 62 billionaires now own more than 3.6 billion people. Ireland is doing its very best to help this trend …


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Oxfam report highlights massive inequality on a global level Report shows system is designed to favour the rich Recent report by TASC shows Ireland is deeply unequal despite government spin People Before Profit believes that the recent report by Oxfam …

Oxfam report shows massive wealth inequality growing, TASC shows this for Ireland‏ Read More »

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