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Brid Smith links economic interests with the continued incarceration of Ibrahim Halawa in the Dáil

IBRAHIM’S CONDITION WORSENS – SHAME ON OUR GOVERNMENT Ibrahim Halawa, a 20 year-old Irish citzen imprisoned by the Egyptian dictatorship for almost 4 years, is on hunger strike and gravely ill. He was imprisioned because he was caught up in

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Dáil suspended as Brid Smith TD demands justice for Ibrahim Halawa

WHAT CAN YOU DO WHEN THEY WONT LISTEN? Ibrahim Halawa’s trial was postponed yesterday for the 20th time, despite his being desperately ill. Ibrahim is an Irish citzen wrongly imprisoned by the Egyptian dictatorship for nearly 4 years, and is

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Bríd begs for IMMEDIATE intervention to save Ibrahim Halawa

There is the opportunity in the next 2 days, to get Ibrahim Halawa released from unjust detention, if our Taoiseach wills it. Bríd Smith TD begged him to do so in the Dáil today.

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Bríd demands answers and action for Ibrahim –

In the Dáil today, Bríd Smith TD put Minister Flanagan on the spot demanding to know what exactly is being done to impliment the  resolutions taken in relation to the detention of Ibrahim Halawa, accusing the government of pandering to the

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