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Brid at the count on Monday waiting on the results.


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Local R2W activist interviews Brid

Cllr Brid Smith intervewed by Brendan in the run-in to General Election 2016

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Vote No1 Brid Smith, People Before Profit!

Vote #No1 Brid Smith and other PBP/Anti-Austerity Alliance candidates tomorrow for real change and people power.      

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Multi-Million Bank Collapse in Dublin – This is why we need a Robin Hood Tax

A bank that had a 2 euro billion hole in its accounts has collapsed in Dublin – but there is barely a word about it in the Irish media. They do not want to embarrass the government before a General

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Vote Brid Smith, People Before Profit, No 1

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Brid’s RTE Election video


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Disgraceful that Richard Boyd Barrett is not included on the Leaders Debate on Tuesday 23rd

Prime Time Leaders Debate is mis-representative of over 30% of the electorate who are not voting for the mainstream parties

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The Sunday Business Post ran a story claiming that vulture funds who bought up the loan books of Irish financial institutions are likely to step up pressure for payment after the general election. Councillor Brid Smith of People Before Profit

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Brid’s fantastic canvassing team in the Coombe today

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Brid speaking at AAA/PBP rally after today’s magnificent Right2Water protest


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