FEMPI – THE NEVER ENDING EMERGENCY:Brid Smith TD in the Dail 29.6.17

Financial Emergency Measures in the Public Interest  OR FEMPI is now the longest lasting piece of emergency legislation in the history of the State – despite the ‘recovery’. And the government wants to make it permanent. FEMPI ensures discrimination against

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Brid on SOR, May 12 2017

I was on Sean O’Rourke’s radio programme earlier today, along with others. The recording here is of my comments on the following: Garda corruption, EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier, and upcoming talks on FEMPI and workers rights. You might find

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Minister ducks FEMPI question put by Bríd Smith TD in Dáil Éireann

Brid challenged Pacal Donohue as to why, if the economic emergency is over, that he hasn’t done away with FEMPI. The only straight answer she gets though, is where he’s going for Paddy’s day (on our money of course).

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Bríd in the Dáil on workers pay and rises long-overdue

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Stop docking public sector pay!

Dáil, June 23. Bríd demands the goverment end emergency legisation that docks pay for public sector workers

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Bríd bringing up People Before Profit motion to repeal FEMPI in the Dáil

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Cllr Brid Smith on FEMPI

Cllr Brid Smith on anti-worker legislation

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