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I am on the Dáil committee that questioned Facebook executives over shoddy practices, highlighted in a recent Channel 4 programme. I put a series of questions to them. They were slick and clever, but many questions remained without a clear …

Brid Smith TD questions Facebook executives on Dáil committee 1.8.18. Read More »

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The data commissioner met with the relevant Dáil committee and responded to questions put regarding data control issues in the light of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Bríd’s concern was the referendum on the 8th amendment – could it be manipulated …

Data commissioner questioned on potential misuse of data in the Referendum Read More »

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FACEBOOK MAN ON THE MAT yesterday in our Dáil committee. Our tax laws are very nice to them, so they are very nice to us, don’t ya know! This is a brief clip of questions I put and some answers …

Brid Smith TD questions Facebook reps at Dáil committee re data breaches Read More »

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