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Bríd speaks on Dáil Environmental Committee – we need real political change – from below!

I spoke on the Dáil #environment committee today about ways in which we have to bring the pressure from below to bear on those at the top, in order to get environmental issues taken seriously. Good to see young people

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Brid Smith TD speaking on Cimate Change, Dáil, 7.12.17

KILLING THE PLANET ON THE GRAVEYARD SHIFT. Last Dáil session of the week – maybe half a dozen there.That’s the priority given to Climate Change and what we must do NOW. So I proposed we do like we did with

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Bríd Smith TD introduces Climate Emergency Measures Bill 2017

This Bill is designed to prevent the further issue of licenses for oil & gas exploration. Fossil fuels are the major contributors to global warming. LEAVE IT IN THE GROUND has to be the approach to prevent further catastrophic damage

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Brid Smith TD speaking on the eve of the launch of Climate Emergency Bill 2017

Brid reflects on her experience of the COP23 meeting in Bonn, addressing the issue of climate change

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Brid Smith TD on DriveTime radio 13.11.17 re COP23 environment conference

I spoke on Drivetime (RTE) radio today – 13.11.17 about the #environmental conferance I was at in Germany called COP23 BONN.(The audio clip here is the recording; the pics are from Bonn). I made the point that to tackle #climatechange

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Brid Smith TD speaks in the Dail 9.11.17 regarding National Mitigation Plan on Climate Action

I AM ASHAMED of the record we have on climate change and mortified that I will be representing Ireland at European level in Bonn this weekend on this issue. We have failed shamefully, even in our limited committments to honor

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People Before Profit congratulate Citizens’ Assembly recommendations on Climate Change

“Government can no longer remain inactive on climate,” says Brid Smith TD Brid Smith TD, who is on the Dail committee that deals with Climate and the Environment, has warmly welcomed the work of the Citizens’ Assembly on Climate Action.

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Brid Smith TD on Environment commtte, 5.10.17

Bríd asked the Minister WHY NOT LEAVE IT IN THE GROUND? It was so sneaky; just after the Dáil rose for the Summer he granted a license for oil and gas exploration at sea, to a company owned by O’Reilly

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Brid Smith TD on Wind Turbines in Dáil, 21.9.17

I spoke today in favour of the bill on Wind Turbines, put forward by Sinn Féin. But there are wider issues of democracy at play here, apart from the crucial concerns about global warming. Why did our government give the

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Historic underfunding of water system by successive governments reason for current infrastructure crisis

Historic underfunding of water system by successive Fine Gael and Fianna Fail governments are the reasons for current infrastructure crisis. People Before Profit have outlined a number of measures that could be used to pay for water infrastructure upgrades and

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