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An amendment that we wanted in the new Employment Bill, would protect workers to some small degree. We want existing workers, on low hours, to be offered any extra hours that become available, rather than the company taking on new …

Bríd Smith TD speaks to the Employment Bill amendment Read More »

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You’d think the government would WELCOME HOME OUR MIGRANTS with open arms, wouldn’t you? There are labour shortages, these people have much needed skills etc. Yet they are obstructed, rather than facilitated at every hands turn. This is a clip …

Bríd Smith TD queries obstructive policies for returning migrants Read More »

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Employee rights must not be undermined in the Labour Court. This was the point I made yesterday in the debate in the Dáil

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On the face of it, you’d think that a Bill addressing the issue of zero hours contracts would be a good thing but this Bill falls very short of the mark. I hope this video of my Dáil speech on …

Bríd Smith TD: “Government Bill fails precarious workers” Read More »

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Brid spoke in the Dail demanding legislation to stop companies like UBER and Deliveroo preventing workers from organising effectively. Such companies use bogus ‘self-employment contracts’ deliberately to undermine the rights of their workers to organise collectively in defence of their …

The Dáil must defend workers’ rights Read More »

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Dáil, June 2. Brid challenges government on ways to make real jobs available and save the environment

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