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Brid Smith TD on The Week in Politics, 26.1.20

BrId tell it like it is on topics ranging from the FF/FG leaders debate, carbon tax, farmers & climate change to public transport

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Bríd Smith TD queries the policies of Coillte

In the Dail environment committee, we had an opportunity to question government and Coillte officials on policies relating to forestry. Each member has 10 mins in which to put questons and receive answers

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Bríd Smith TD speaking on LNGs in Dáil Éireann

Bríd Smith TD calling on the minister to ban the importation of fracked US gas through the proposed Shannon and Cork LNG terminals  

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Bríd on The Tonight Show 21.11.19

Topics covered include climate issues and discussion on racism and refugees.  

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Bríd Smith TD slams Minister over Bord na Móna Workers & Just Transition

With Bord na Móna workers visiting in the Dáil gallery, Bríd outlines what a rotten job the government has done in safeguarding the workers in the peat industry as they face the end of peat production, in line with the

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Bríd Smith TD on the Tonight Show – LNGs and other gas!

Its amazing the way they have to be dragged to the truth. Thank God the Incredible Hulk (actor Mark Fuffalo) is on our side! Fracked Gas POISONS AND KILLS. We should NOT import it to an LNG terminal in Shannon

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Bríd and the boffins of GNI at the climate committe. Do they care?

Gas Networks Ireland were at our Dáil Climate comtte today. Bottom line is: their job is to make sure gas gets pipped (and profits are made on it), not to worry about the climate. They don’t state it as baldly

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Brid questions science & industry experts on LNGs

The Dáil Climate Committee discussed importing fracked gas (as LNGs). This are the questions I put, and some answers I received.

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Brid Smith TD on The Late Debate 4.10.19

Brid spoke on the radio programme The Late Debate, 4.10.19 though it is also live-streamed (with results of varying quality). The clips here are mostly climate related issues, including ‘Just Transition’ for workers.

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Bríd calls out Varadkar on importing Fracked Gas to Ireland

On the Late Debate radio programme (live streamed) Brid challenged the statements to the effect that the proposed LNGs (Liquid National Gas) hubs would not contain fracked gas.

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