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Child Benefit linked to school attendence – a disgrace!

Bríd lashes out at refusal of government to come clean.

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Brid Smith TD speaks on SPARK demo outside Dail Eireann summer ’16

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The private for profit model of childcare isn’t working

Questioning the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs in the Dáil on 9 June, Bríd highlights that the private for profit model of childcare is not working. Some of the poorest people spend up to 25% of their take home

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Brid Smith questioning the Taoiseach on Child Benefit being linked to school attendance

In the Dáil on 8 June, Brid asks the Taoiseach to clarify whether child benefit will be linked to school attendance, as set out in the Programme for Government.

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Public facilities for private childcare!

Dáil, June 9. Brid questions plans to make public schools available for private profit making.

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Speech and Language Therapy: Government sacrifices needs of vulnerable

 About 46,000 young children have complex needs, often relating to slower development of speech and language faculties. Yet the Irish health service does not make adequate provision for early intervention. Councillor Brid Smith from People Before Profit said, ‘We come

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The Labour Party worked happily with Fine Gael for four years but has suddenly discovered that they are a party for the rich. Joan Burton has started to warn about a ‘lack of balance’ if Fine Gael started to rule

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How to get affordable child-care – tax the rich

Cllr Brid Smith addresses the issues of child care – how it could be, if only the rich paid their taxes  

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People Before Profit Condemns Government Inaction Over Childcare Costs

Childcare in Ireland is the most expensive in Europe, and worldwide second only to the USA, according to recent research from the OECD. The government here spends just 0.2% of GDP in the development of children up to the age

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