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Brid Smith TD on The Week in Politics, 26.1.20

BrId tell it like it is on topics ranging from the FF/FG leaders debate, carbon tax, farmers & climate change to public transport

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Brid Smith TD challenges government on the effects of fuel poverty on children

Shocking new report says over 140,000 kids are living in cold and damp homes. Children in private rented homes are twice as likey to experience energy poverty, Yet all the Government offers is increased carbon taxes and continued reliance on

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Bríd Smith TD at Climate (in)Action Committee on Fuel Poverty

Brid’s questions and responses regarding regarding government undertakings on methods to address climate issues; issues addressed here are fuel poverty and carbon tax

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Brid Smith TD on The Tonight Show 13.6.19

Topics are Boris, Border and Carbon Tax  

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Brid Smith TD on Carbon Tax – featured on The Week in Politics 31.3.19

Carbon tax hurts the poorest most and will do nothing to prevent emissions – the main thing we need to do to avert catastrophic climate change

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Brid Smith TD speaking against Carbon Tax at the climate committee

The Govt parties try to justify bringing in #CarbonTax for ordinary households on the basis that it would lead to better behaviour among people and so reduce emissions. There is no evidence for this and more to the point, it

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Bríd Smith TD on the climate committee challenges govt parties.28.3.19

The debate was not honest – rather it was smoke and mirrors to hide the fact that the last thing the government wants to do is to tax the polluting corporations. They’d rather put the boot into ordinary people

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Bríd on RTE news: carbon taxes and the French Yellow Jackets

If RTE had given me more than just one sentence here I would said that what we need to tackle climate change, is not carbon taxes on ordinary people but carbon taxes on the real culprits, the giant corporations, and

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