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Brid Smith TD calls out Varadkar the snob, on public transport issue

VARADKAR THE SNOB – NO UNDERSTANDING OF LIFE FOR ORDINARY PEOPLE. Brid made the point today in the Dáil that BUS EIREANN strikers face hardship, as do people depending on public transport, and hardship is nothing that Varadakar and his

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Shane Ross, Minister for Transport, washes his hands of transport strike

Brid calls for solidarity with Dublin Bus workers in the coming strike and questions how Minister for Transport, Shane Ross, can claim this has nothing to do with him!

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PBP TD calls for support for Bus Eireann workers

People Before Profit TD, Brid Smith, has urged workers and trade unionists across the country to support the Bus Eireann workers’ fight against planned cuts due to be introduced by management. Following the collapse of talks today, a dispute seems

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Brid Smith TD on Sean O Rourke programme discussing transport strikes

Recorded Feb 3, on RTE radio 1, Brid defends public transport and public transport workers and contrasts the subvention public services get vs private transport services

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Bríd defends public transport and Bus Éireann workers on Vincent Brown programme

  As a former bus-worker herself, Brid understands and defends the rights of Bus Eireann workers while mounting a strong defence of public transport in general. Also on the programme (Jan 25, ’17) she rubbishes the government’s committment to rural

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