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“More oversight of Voluntary housing bodies needed” say TD.

  Voluntary sector rent charges higher than many local authorities claims Brid Smith TD. Tenants face 1000 euro per year difference between local authority and voluntary housing rents” People Before Profit TD Brid Smith has said that the rent charged

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Varadkar guilty of Double Standards on public sector pay

People Before Profit TD claims Varadkar guilty of Double Standards on public sector pay Varadkar supports equal pay for cabinet members but not for teachers Workers told they must accept poor deal while ministers jockey for position and big pay

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Dáil Prayer a Mockery of a Modern Society

                       Separate church and state- Establishment lagging behind public anger Solidarity- People Before Profit TDs Bríd Smith and Ruth Coppinger have said that they, and their colleagues, will not be standing for the Dáil prayer.

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Bríd on Vincent Browne programme – cutbacks cost lives

Brid was on Vincent Brown last night with the establishement – FF and FG – who shamed themselves. Terrible to think that the coast guard helicopter crash may also have been the result of cuts.

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Brid speaking at the R2W demo 8.4.17

Poor quality sound but you can get a flavour of speech by Brid at the end of the R2W demo. She finished with a great line from a poem by Padraig Pearse : And I say to my people’s masters:

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Brid Smith speaks in the Dáil on liberalising divorce legistlation

SEPARATE CHURCH AND STATE. Brid says: “I was happy to speak about divorce and the liberalisation of Irish society, limited as it is, in the Dáil today. But ending unhappy relationships is one thing. Condemning women who suffer in violent

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Brid Smith links economic interests with the continued incarceration of Ibrahim Halawa in the Dáil

IBRAHIM’S CONDITION WORSENS – SHAME ON OUR GOVERNMENT Ibrahim Halawa, a 20 year-old Irish citzen imprisoned by the Egyptian dictatorship for almost 4 years, is on hunger strike and gravely ill. He was imprisioned because he was caught up in

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Brid speaks on maternity benefits in the Dail

A WOMAN’S RIGHT TO CHOOSE MEANS JUST THAT – A CHOICE TO BE A MOTHER OR NOT. Brid welcomed the motion on the extension of maternity leave and maternity benefit. Being Pro-Choice means we are for all the rights a woman

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Brid Smith TD challenges Minister Coveney on the housing crisis

RENT CONTROLS, HAPS, THEY’RE NOT WORKING MINISTER! Brid tackled Coveney today about his ‘solutions’ to the housing crisis. He refuses to accept that HAPS isn’t working – that his ‘Pressure Zones’ to control rents, aren’t working. We need People Power

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PBP TDs defend Bus Eireann strikers in the Dail

  PBP TDs Brid Smith, Richard Boyd Barrett, and Gino Kenny speaking in defence of Bus Eireann strikers in the Dail, April 4, 2017

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