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Bríd Smith TD on The Tonight Show – the Hard Border – June 2019

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Bríd Smith TD on The Tonight Show 26.2.19

BrId was on the panel of The Tonight Show last evening. Topics up for discussion were varied from threatened hike in the Local Property Tax, Brexit & the border, to Irish citizens who joined ISIS, and Ellie Kishombe’s right to

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Bríd Smith TD on The Week in Politics, RTE 1, 10.2.19

Clips here from Brid’s contribution on the topics of the National Children’s Hospital scandal, the nurses strike, the border after brexit and directly elected mayors.

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Bríd Smith TD on Sean O Rourke’s radio programme 25.1.19

Bríd addressed various issues on this popular radio programme; this is a recording of her comments on Brexhi and the border, the new children’s hospital overspend, the forthcoming nurses strike, and outsourcing women’s health care

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Brid Smith TD on Brexit, the Border, and the GAA

On the Tonight Show TV3, 19.7.18. Topics – Brexit, mostly and the border, and some comments about GAA. Brief clips from the show.

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Brid Smith TD on Sean O Rourke radio programme 17.11.17 re border

The issue of the border, post-brexit, was discuss. This brief clip has my comments.  

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This was the point Brid made in relation to the discussion on Brexit on Sean O’Rourke (RTE radio 1) this morning

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