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Bríd speaks on ‘reforms’ for refugees and assylum seekers, Dáil 23.1.18

Imagine what it’s like to have to leave your home to avoid war, persecution or grinding poverty. You risk your life getting to safety; many of those with you are drowned, or captured and enslaved. Then you reach the ‘free

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Brid Smith TD: refugees and assylum seekers need and deserve our support.

END THE INHUMAN TREATMENT OF MIGRANTS! We discussed refugees, assylum seekers and related issues today in the Dáil. I referred to the misery endured by migrants in Ireland and globally, forced by war, famine and poverty to leave their homes;

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Brid Smith TD addresses the issue of Direct Provision for Assylum seekers

Assylum seekers have had a raw deal, many waiting up to 10 years or more in the miserable conditions of Direct Provision. So – welcome the news that the new judgement allows the right to right work. But will this

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Brid Smith TD speaking in the Dáil on ‘Direct Provision’ for refugess and assylum seekers

PEOPLE ‘LIKE GHOSTS’ IN DIRECT PROVISION It’s inhumane. It degrading. It destroys mental health. You can’t work. You can’t study. You can’t cook. You can’t live. The unfortunate people so detained could be incorporated into society as productive members of

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United Against Racism march and protest outside the European Commission Representation in Ireland in solidarity with refugees

Well done to all who marked World Refugee Day today. Refugees are welcome here! I will be questioning the Minister for Justice in the Dáil tomorrow on Ireland’s dreadful and inhumane treatment of asylum seekers and refugees in direct provision.

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