Bríd demands answers and action for Ibrahim –

In the Dáil today, Bríd Smith TD put Minister Flanagan on the spot demanding to know what exactly is being done to impliment the  resolutions taken in relation to the detention of Ibrahim Halawa, accusing the government of pandering to the

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Budget 2017 rewards the rich, insults the poor.

Bríd shows the government’s budget, far from being ‘prudent’, simply favours the corporations and the rich and gives least to those whose needs are greatest.

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Government priorities reward the rich and ignore the rest of us

  Brid speaks about the way the rich get away with murder when it comes to taxation – predicting the budget for next week?  

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Bríd on the role of private operators during the recent bus strike

Bríd Smith TD raised issues regarding private operators during the strike by Dublin bus and also the role of private companies tracking employee sick-leave

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We need legislation to deal with ‘Hate Crime’, but today’s bill is not it.

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Transport services should be public and environment-friendly

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Bríd demands Traveller accommodation rights in Co Louth

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Bríd Smith TD addresses pro-Choice mtg following Dublin city march 24.9.16

Following the biggest yet pro-Choice demonstration in Dublin of 40 to 50,000, People Before Profit Choice held a post-demo meeting in Toners Pub in Baggott St. Bríd addressed the meeting and said the demand for ‘a women’s right to choose’

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Apple Tax – spend that money on what the people need!

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Brid Smith TD slams anti-choice bigots

A lively pro-choice demo was held outside the premises used by anti-choice bigots posing as a counselling service for women facing crisis pregnancy. The abusive practices, engaged in by these bigots, was exposed by an under-cover reporter for the London Times

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