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Bríd Smith TD speaks to Solidarity/PBP motion regarding the nurses in Dáil

Solidarity / PBP put a motion to the Dail today regarding the nurses dispute and other health care professionals. Whatever the outcome, and the decision is theirs alone, this Dáil should understand that the issues that drove the nurses to

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Bríd Smith TD challenges government over NASRA ambulance workers

Not content with threatening striking nurses, and letting the children’s hospital costs rip, this government is refusing to acknowledge the right of AMBULANCE WORKERS to be represented by the union of their choice. And shame on Finian McGrath, a supposedly

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Bríd Smith TD speaks in the Dail regarding Dublin Fire Service

Dublin Fire Service ambulance crews deliver 40% of the service for 7% of the funding. And they do a great job. But the burocrats are not happy and want ‘reform’. Why don’t they listen to people who do the work?

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Defend our services

Cllr Brid Smith speaking at a protest march by Dublin Firefighters in defence of services

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Save our ambulances!

Cllr Brid Smith proudly marches with national demonstartion of Fire Fighters to help same ambulance services  

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