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Bríd Smith TD – where is our committment on abortion rights for NI women?

One of the most inspiring slogans raised on the day of the Repeal referendum was “The North is Next”. And the women in the North consistently supported us and campaigned down here with us. So why is there no mention

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Bríd and Ruth demand action for woman seeking termination for FFA

OUTRAGEOUS! “This is not what we voted for” – A direct quote from a woman 14 weeks pregnant with a Fatal Fetal Abnormality, denied her access to abortion at the Coombe. We raised this in the Dáil today – much

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Bríd Smith TD gets committment from Minister Harris re conscientious objection

Tonight 5.12.18 Minister Harris gave a committment to Deputy Brid Smith TD that no institution, including the new National Maternity Hospital can conscientiously object to providing abortion services  

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Bríd Smith TD on the abortion legislation debate Dáil 4.12.18

The hypocrisy of the anti-choicers is very evident in the debate this evening, as is their attitude to those of us representing women’s right to abortion legislation NOW.

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Bríd Smith TD – update on Abortion Legislation progress

Brid is bringing regular updates to the public on the progress of the long-awaited abortion legislation. This is from 13.11.18

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Brid Smith TD on the Abortion Legislation committee 8.11.18

This evening, 8.11.18, we discussed the issue of conscientious objection on the committee, among other matters

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The start of the Abortion Committee debates

The committe stage, where we debate amendments to the proposed abortion legislation, is frustrating to say the least. Anti abortionists want to rehash the argument (that they spectacularly lost 2:1 in May). But its also frustrating when some amendments are

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Brid on Abortion legislation cmte 6.11.18

Debating guidelines vs legislation – progress is depressingly slow

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Bríd debates ‘conscientious objection’ for anti-choice doctors on TV3

Déja vu or what!! There I was on telly this morning, God love me, with Cora Sherlock, anti-Choicer, from the Repeal campaign. They act like our votes didn’t matter! What part ‘YOU LOST’ don’t they understand? But very nastily, they

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Bríd on the pope’s visit and other issues

Bríd was on The Tonight Show last night – 11.6.18. Some selected clips here dealing with the pope’s visit and opt-out schemes for anti-choice doctors.

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