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Brid on Vincent Browne programme; abortion debate

I was on the Vincent Browne programme recently sandwiched between 2 prominent anti-Choicers. Nasty – to say the least of it!

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Brid with V Brown: FG leadership; Le Pen; Abortion

Brid’s contributions on this programme are outlined here. Three issues were: Leadership of FG; Le Pen’s candidacy for president of France; the Citizens’ Assembley and abortion.

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HOW THE DÁIL VOTED ON MY ‘€1 vs 14 years in Prison’ BILL

The table from the Oireachtas website shows clearly the way each TD voted in respect of my Bill to get rid of the 14 year prison sentence for abortion. The table shows the following: – those who voted TÁ are

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Brid’s amendment to the abortion law: “change the punishment if you won’t scrap the law”

Brid seeks to change the law for procuring an abortion, so that instead of the punishment being 14 years in prison, it becomes €1 fine.

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Dutch TV reports on the Citizen’s Assemby

An interesting report from Holland on the Government’s latest dodge on addressing abortion in this country – the Ctizen’s Assembly. I was interviewed for this – my little snippet of Dutch stardom starts at 4.00 minutes into the film to 5.27 mins

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Bríd Smith lashes out at the hypocrisy of those refusing to support AAA-PBP Bill on referendum to Repeal the 8th

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Bríd speaks on Repeal 8th on Morning Ireland, RTE radio

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Press Statement: Anti-Austerity Alliance- People Before Profit Campaigners call on Independent Alliance to refuse to allow Fine Gael to block AAA-PBP Repeal Bill

    2,159 women have been forced to travel to access abortion services since the government was elected Precedent set for government parties to hold different positions – in 1983 to introduce 8th Amendment – Labour Tanaiste voted against Fine

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AAA/PBP deputies proudly wear the Repeal jersey in the Dail today!


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The biggest demo yet for Choice in Ireland – a great day!

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