Dáil Prayer a Mockery of a Modern Society

                       Separate church and state- Establishment lagging behind public anger Solidarity- People Before Profit TDs Bríd Smith and Ruth Coppinger have said that they, and their colleagues, will not be standing for the Dáil prayer.

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No way – we won’t pay!

They can commission all the reports they like, and Fianna Fail can be for and against at the same time, in their usual two-faced way, but bottom line is what I said on the news tonight. We are not paying

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“Water Commission a set up to get Fianna Fail off the hook” says TD

Deputy Bríd Smith reacted to today’s Irish Examiner story by calling the Water Commission a preordained farce. The Irish Examiner story leaked some of the key elements of the commission report due out on Wednesday.   The story suggested that

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Bríd begs for IMMEDIATE intervention to save Ibrahim Halawa

There is the opportunity in the next 2 days, to get Ibrahim Halawa released from unjust detention, if our Taoiseach wills it. Bríd Smith TD begged him to do so in the Dáil today.

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Save our Services! Rural post offices under threat.

Bríd reiterates the importance of rural post offices to their local communities and the vital social role they play. She points out there are initiatives that could be taken, for instance a role in local banking services, that would ensure

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Immediate action needed – Legalise it!

  Brid seeks immediate action on Deputy Gino Kenny’s Bill on ‘Cannabis for medicinal use’, to alleviate pain and suffering.

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Brid Smith TD speaking in the Dail on the purchase of sex

  Brid speaking against a bill that proposes criminalising those who buy sex, arguing it would drive prostituion further underground and that it would put sex-workers, who are already vulnerable, in a worse situation. We should instead consult with the

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Bríd takes on Minister over public sector pay

In the Dáil today, Bríd tackles the Minister over public sector pay restoration demands, but he dodges the issue. Seems to be what he’s best at.

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Proud to support our nurses!

A livley protest outside the Dail today by young nurse who’s just demands must be met immediately!

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The biggest demo yet for Choice in Ireland – a great day!

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