Pensioners (in particular females) will loose, not gain, from Budget 2017

Bríd explains how the government, by changing the rules, will take more from pensioners than it gives them, particularly female pensioners. She annouced her intention to propose an amendment that will go some way towards addressing the injustice done to women through the government’s pensions scheme, in the Dáil Nov 9, 2016.

2 comments on “Pensioners (in particular females) will loose, not gain, from Budget 2017
  1. Deputy Smith, thank you for proposing this Amendment to the Social Welfare Bill 2016, and your excellent presentation to the Dail on November 9th. It gave me great support in my Appeal to the Dept. in Oct. 016 regarding same issue, and discrepancy. I hope your Amendment will have a positive outcome for all, so that we can all enjoy fair play, and the fruits of our labour.

    • Hazel says:

      Thanks for the kind words Marion and apologies for the delay in saying so – pressure of work.
      Lets’ hope!
      Best wishes

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