Bríd on RTE news: carbon taxes and the French Yellow Jackets

If RTE had given me more than just one sentence here I would said that what we need to tackle climate change, is not carbon taxes on ordinary people but carbon taxes on the real culprits, the giant corporations, and we need to stop further exploration for fossil fuels. VIVA THE YELLOW JACKETS!

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Bríd at Climate Change cmmte slams carbon tax for ordinary people; demands JUST TRANSITION.

Carbon tax should be paid by the fossil fuel corporations, not by ordinary people. A carbon tax thus applied could help pay for energy saving projects such as increased public transport and retrofitting homes. And if the government is concerned about climate change, it should support my Bill to ban fossil fuel exploration at sea

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Bríd Smith TD gets committment from Minister Harris re conscientious objection

Tonight 5.12.18 Minister Harris gave a committment to Deputy Brid Smith TD that no institution, including the new National Maternity Hospital can conscientiously object to providing abortion services


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Bríd Smith TD questions Minister Harris on National Maternity Hospital plan

Dec 5th – Brid seeks clarity but gets none on the fate of the NMH


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Bríd Smith TD on the abortion legislation debate Dáil 4.12.18

The hypocrisy of the anti-choicers is very evident in the debate this evening, as is their attitude to those of us representing women’s right to abortion legislation NOW.

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Bríd debates Broadband plans in the Dáil

I asked about the tendering process for Broadband. The Minister waffled, so most of his responce is not recorded here. In particular he avoided any reference to my query regarding DENNIS O BRIEN, who is probably the only one that will end up getting what he wants of the debacle

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Bríd queries experts on Climate cmte re Bord na Mona workers and carbon tax

The Dail committee on #climate change met today (4.12.2018). I asked about how the likes of Bord na Mona workers, who will be made redundant, will fare out. I also asked the experts who they thought should pay carbon tax – ordinary people or the giant corporations that made billions on polluting the planet.

Brid Smith TD speaking at the Marxism 2018 Festival in Dublin Nov 24


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Bríd Smith TD addresses Housing Crisis rally at Players Wills factory

Bríd addresses a local rally at the disused Players Wills factory on SCR. The rally was to highlight the failure of NAMA to deliver this site for public and affordable housing, instead of developer’s profits. It was also to publicise the National Homeless and Housing Coalition march planned for Dec 1st.

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Brid Smith TD speaks at rally against climate change and species extinction

Yesterday, 17.11.18, a great protest in Merrion Sq against climate change and species extinction. Brid spoke on behalf of People Before Profit


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