Dr. J Connolly’s recent report ‘ Building Community Resilience’ looked at drugs, gangland and crime, and the involvement of children caught up in the drugs trade. Let’s not forget that the communities where this is rife, are the communites most …

Bríd Smith TD relates poverty and drug abuse to social policies and cutbacks Read More »

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Fine Gael like to present themselves as being all about equality, yet they treat SCHOOL SECRETARIES like second class citizens. Some are employed directly by the Department but many are not, and so they want parity, a simple demand. It …

Bríd Smith TD speaks out for school secretaries Read More »

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Brid has been a constant campaigner for truth and full disclosre about this issue since the scandal broke. On the health committee she again put questions to the Minister on the issue. His reponses are on a separate video.

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This video should be viewed in conjunction with the earlier video of questions put to the Health Minister, by Brid on the Dáil Health Committee

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On the Dail communications committee, we questioned RTE executives about cost cutting measures. One of the questions I asked was how much would they save if they capped ALL salaries at €200k, including their own. This was a proposal from …

RTE and public service broadcasting Read More »

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Shocking new report says over 140,000 kids are living in cold and damp homes. Children in private rented homes are twice as likey to experience energy poverty, Yet all the Government offers is increased carbon taxes and continued reliance on …

Brid Smith TD challenges government on the effects of fuel poverty on children Read More »

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The march by thousands of people through Dublin today (5.11.19) was a moving and powerful experience. Lets hope this is the start of a movement that will punish the landlord parties and see in real housing reform.

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The “Bingo Bill” will reduce prize money to 50% of the takings of the game. Bingo players are not happy, and I’m on their side. Of all the things that need doing in the country, they waste time on trying …

Bríd makes a plea for Bingo players Read More »

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Bríd Smith TD calling on the minister to ban the importation of fracked US gas through the proposed Shannon and Cork LNG terminals  

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The big ranchers and beef Barons like Larry Goodman are doing down the family farm and those dependent on it. Great to see these small to medium farmers standing up against the big bosses of Agri business, through their own …

Brid speaks in support of Farmers protest in Dáil. Read More »

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