“I was glad to speak about to the Rural Equality Bill 2017, in the Dáil this evening. Just like us Dubs, communities of ordinary people in rural in Ireland have been hammered by government policies of neoliberalism. In other words, as long as it allows them to turn their back on ‘unprofitable services’, or if it turns a buck for some fatcat – like privatising transport, decimating the small-time fishing industry, closing the post offices, then its fine. Rural and urban communities have to stick together and challenge these rotten priorities”.Brid Smith

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Bríd Smith TD on National Maternity Hospital scandal

ONLY LAST MONTH VINCENT’S HOSPITAL DENIED A WOMAN STERILISATION ….. and yet Minister Simon Harris wants to let the same nuns run the new National Maternity Hospital. I questioned him on this in the Dáil today – he says lots (we’ve cut this clip), but mostly his emphasis is the ‘legal assurances’ in the deal – so don’t worry!! Sounds like he wants to give public money to barristers and nuns rather than provide the services women need. I called for SUPPORT FOR DEMO THIS SUNDAY 2PM, organised by Parents for Choice, meeting Parnell Square.

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Brid was on Newstalk today with Mattie McGrath and Colm Brophy FG. You might find the clips here interesting.The link below is to a audio recording .

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Dáil must implement Citizens’ Assembly proposals


Press Release- Solidarity- People Before Profit 02/05/2017 

Fine Gael and Fianna Fail have no right to dilute Citizens’ Assembly proposals

At a press conference in Dublin today, the Solidarity- People Before Profit Dáil grouping outlined their priorities on the special Dáil Committee on the 8th Amendment and called for no more delays in holding a constitutional referendum to repeal the 8th. The most effective way to fulfil the wishes of the Citizens’ Assembly is to immediately repeal the Eighth Amendment.

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Boylan Pushed Out By Simons Sham Assurances

Dr Peter Boylan’s resignation is a principled and admirable stand against the decision to allow the National Maternity Hospital to be owned by the Religious Sisters of Charity. His resignation letter exposes the government’s blindness and Simon Harris’s sham assurances that the Catholic Church will have no influence over the medical practices conducted in the hospital. Read more ›

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Brid with V Brown: FG leadership; Le Pen; Abortion

Brid’s contributions on this programme are outlined here. Three issues were: Leadership of FG; Le Pen’s candidacy for president of France; the Citizens’ Assembley and abortion.

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PBP TD welcomes the Citizens Assembly’s clear call for the extension of the right to abortion to women who need it



Press Release- Bríd Smith TD, People Before Profit

People Before Profit TD, Brid Smith, welcomed the Citizens Assembly’s clear call for the extension of the right to abortion to women who need it.

87% of the Citizens Assembly voted against retaining the 8th Amendment as it currently exists. It also expressed clearly the view that socio-economic reasons were grounds for terminations up to the 22nd week of pregnancy.

The demand to widen the reasons for abortion – beyond risk to life and health, rape and fatal fetal abnormality –  shows how much opinion on these issues have changed. Read more ›

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I was proud to address the demo today organised by Parents for Choice outside Holles Street, on the issue of the nuns being gifted with our new €300 million National Maternity Hospital. If you could imagine any group of people LEAST appropriate to this task, then the nuns would have to be it. Those who made millions on the abuse of women and babies over the years now get to run a new hospital, paid for out of the public purse, for mothers and babies!! You couldn’t make it up!. WE HAVE TO MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR THEM TO PROCEED. This has to be the first demonstration of many.

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Brid speaking at Rally to support Jobstown defendants

Brid speaking at the Rally to support the Jobstown defendants on the opening day of their trial

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Brid Smith TD on TV3 news re National Maternity Hospital


Brid on TV3 news 20th April expresses utter disgust at the decision of Minister for Health Harris to gift Sisters of Charity with €300 million in public funds to build and run the new National Maternity Hospital

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