Ryanair pilot strike – Bríd discusses on Primetime RTE 1, 12.12.17

Free collective bargaining and dignity at work. That’s what the pilots are striking for. And more power to their collective elbow! I was pleased to speak up for them on RTE’s Primtime programme this evening.

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Tomorrow’s 8th amendment committee will be a historic chance to end 33 years of state oppression of woman says Brid Smith TD

People Before Profit TD and member of the Dáil committee on the 8th amendment has said that tomorrow’s meeting which will vote on a range of issues is a historic opportunity to end the constitutional clause which has brought untold suffering to women.

Welcoming signs that the committee will recommend a simple repeal referendum as well as accept the right of women to choose abortion up to the first 12 weeks, Deputy Smith said that while historic tomorrow’s vote was in reality just the beginning of the end of the 8th amendment. Read more ›

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TD says the state must not collude with any anti-union campaign by Ryanair management

“This is 2017, not a rerun of 1913; workers have the right to be represented by a union,” says Brid Smith TD

Questions remain over state regulator and its oversight in aviation industry says the Dublin South Central TD

People Before Profit TD, Brid Smith, today called for the full support of the trade union movement for the Ryanair pilots based in Ireland and across Europe who have voted for strike action for union recognition.

A large majority of pilots based in Ireland have voted to strike over a range of issues at the airline including the right to be represented by a union of their choice as opposed to a company appointed representative body. Hundreds more pilots based in Italy and Portugal are supporting the union recognition campaign. Read more ›

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TD claims Government health funding does not allow for pay rises for non-HSE workers

“Government Policy responsible for possible strike action in health and social care services,” says Brid Smith TD

People Before Profit TD, Brid Smith, has said that Government policy is directly responsible for a possible strike of over 8,000 staff in the health and social care service which could cause severe disruption to a system already at breaking point.

The TD had asked a number of Dáil questions of the Minister for Health over the funding for so-called section 39 organisations.  Staff in these organisations may be taking strike action as, unlike direct HSE employees, they will not receive any pay restoration under recent pay deals and legislation. Read more ›

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Brid Smith TD welcomes the latest Irish Times Ipsos MRBI poll on Repeal 8th Referendum

PBP Choice banner on the biggest Choice demo yet

Three Fianna Fail committee members indicate support for legal abortion up to 12 weeks gestation, without restriction.

People Before Profit TD Brid Smith is a member of the Joint Oireachtas Committee on the Eighth Amendment and spoke today about the prospects of a majority report to be voted and agreed on Wednesday 13 December. Read more ›

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Brid Smith TD on FEMPI & Trades Unionism-a lesson to the Minister 7.12.17

FEMPI. The longest running emergency in the history of the State. The Minister wants to punish teachers for rejecting inequality in pay, and has difficulty with the concept of collective bargaining. So I explained it to him last night in Dáil….


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Brid Smith TD speaking of FEMPI in Dáil, 7.12.17

HOMELESSNESS, FEMPI, PESCO . Q: What’s the odd-man-out? A: They only have money for the last one. PESCO is the new army they signed us up to lat night (neutrality???) at the cost of €3-4 billion – more than housing homeless children or paying public sector workers would cost. Criminal. And Fianna Fáil the Independents aided and abetted them. I spoke on this Thurs.in the Dáil.

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Brid Smith TD speaking on Cimate Change, Dáil, 7.12.17

KILLING THE PLANET ON THE GRAVEYARD SHIFT. Last Dáil session of the week – maybe half a dozen there.That’s the priority given to Climate Change and what we must do NOW. So I proposed we do like we did with Committee on the 8th Amendment, ie listen to the Citizen Assembly recommendations and get in climate experts. Here’s the clip explaining.

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Brid Smith TD slams PESCO plans – Dáil 7.12.17.

WAR AND WASTE! That’s what our government is setting us up for. They want to rush us into PESCO, an EU army, close to NATO, and spend literally €billions doing so. They can’t house the homeless or fix or our health service, or support war refuggees, but they can rush headlong into buying bigger tanks and guns (not, mind you, paying the poor divils that use them!). It’s outrageous and FG, FF and the Independents that support them have no mandate for this


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Brid Smith TD reiterates the need to CALL A HOUSING EMERGENCY IN Dáil 7.12.17

8 deaths on the streets since August. We are shamed by the plight of the homeless, and the Minister still refuses to CALL A HOUSING EMERGENCY that could unleash measures to tackle it. No delay in bailing out banks, or cutting workers pay to do so. This brief clip cuts our some of the waffle..but the snow is on the way!

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