Brid Smith TD on Dáil cmte re Repeal 8th amendment. 8.11.17 (stats)

I’m on the Dáil committee to consider the findings of the Citizen’s Assembley regarding REPEAL 8TH AMENDMENT. Yesterday, we had the opportunity to ask questions about the statistics available internationally and as far as possible, nationally, which was very helpful. If anyone would like a copy of the these stats, please get in touch. The clip is a bit ‘glitchy’, but you get the sense of it.

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Brid Smith TD speaks on railworkers strike Dáil 8.11.17

RAIL WORKERS NEED A PAY RISE. I made this point to Minister Ross yesterday in the Dáil, on foot of his claim that ‘the country can’t afford it’. The Ministers are getting a pay rise on top of their 6 figure incomes; so are TDs, so are CEOs, all on big money. But we can’t pay workers?

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People Before Profit congratulate Citizens’ Assembly recommendations on Climate Change

“Government can no longer remain inactive on climate,” says Brid Smith TD

Brid Smith TD, who is on the Dail committee that deals with Climate and the Environment, has warmly welcomed the work of the Citizens’ Assembly on Climate Action. The TD said today that the recommendations that were endorsed by an overwhelming majority show that ordinary people, when presented with the scientific facts and possible actions are prepared to take action.

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JAIL THE BANKERS! radio clip from Claire Byrne’s programme 28.10.17

JAIL THE BANKERS! Why aren’t criminal proceedings being taken against the robber-bankers? This is the point I made on Claire Byrne’s Saturday show yesterday.

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More on the robber bankers: radio clip from Claire Byrne’s programme 28.10.17

MORE ON THE ROBBER-BANKERS: On Claire Byrne’s radio programme yesterday I make the point that light touch regulation let them away with robbery-literally. Michael O’Regan, of The Irish Times, reminded us about the relationships between bankers and senior politicians. Last point, compensation to the people robbed by the banks must be paid first. Then the bankers should be prosecuted. We don’t want them hiding behind the excuse “the matter is with the courts..” to avoid getting done.

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Mayo helicoptor crash-the scandal behind it. Radio clip from Clair Byrne’s show 28.10.17

HELICOPTER DEATHS-THE DARK SIDE! We now find out that not only did the rescue services have dodgy maps – they had dodgy safety equipment and were complaining about this, literally for years before the terrible acccident in Mayo. I referred to this on radio on Saturday. The Irish Aviation Authority deny responsibilty. So does the Minister. Meantime the families still grieve and light touch regulation puts more brave rescue workers at risk. This stinks to high heaven.

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HEALTH SERVICES FACE MELTDOWN – clip from Claire Byrne’s radio programme 28.10.17

We discussed on radio the threat posed by the new super-bug to the health service. But for years the service has badly run by an overpaid army of managers at the top, with underfunding for front-line services at the bottom, and cutbacks that were never restored. So no wonder the new bug is such a threat. Wasn’t Dr Leo Minister for health one time? What exactly did he do that was any use while he was there?

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Report on Dáil cmmtte re Repealing the 8th amendment

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A toxic relationship between Ryanair and the Irish Aviation Authority?

RYANAIR – A DANGER TO THE TRAVELLING PUBLIC? A potentially toxic relationship exists between the Irish Aviation Authority and Ryanair. The IAA is the ONLY regulator in Europe that’s funded by the airlines it regulates – it made a profit of 40million last year and it gets a lot of money from Ryanair. This has serious implications for health and safety. Ryanair pushes it pilots to limits that would not be accepted, or legal, elsewhere in Europe. This stinks to high heaven.

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Bríd speaks on pensions inequality in the Dáil 18.10.17

JOAN BURTON PULLED THE TRIGGER, BUT FIANNA FAIL LOADED THE GUN. The target was pensioners, women pensioners in particular. And now FF have the brass neck to pretend they care about the fact that thousands of mostly women, recently retired or soon to be, will be down in their money by €30 a week. Why did they agree to the budget that endorsed this? We know what the Blueshirts are like, but Fianna Fail are classic kippers – two faced and gutless.

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