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School secretaries protest outside Dail Eireann

Thousands school secretaries have taken strike action today. They are protesting over a measly pay offer and to demand job security. People Before Profit fully supports the school secretaries. It is a disgrace that the Workplace Relations Commission awarded them a tiny 1.5% increase. They deserve far more. They should be put on the payroll of the Department of Education and given proper job security. It is our hope that the teachers union will come out fully in support of their colleagues.

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Bríd Smith TD on the Tonight Show 8.1.20 (part 1)

clips of Brid’s take on the Public Services Card (the Big Brother card?), and aspects of Fine Gael’s legacy and relationship to Fianna Fail.


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Bríd Smith TD on The Tonight Show 8.1.20 (Part 2)

clips of Brid’s take on the proposed commemoration of the Black and Tans and the raising the pension eligability age to 67.



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Varadkar’s RIC commemoration comments unbecoming of an Irish Taoiseach

People Before Profit TD says Varadkar’s RIC commemoration comments unbecoming of an Irish Taoiseach

People Before Profit TD Bríd Smith has said that the comments by Leo Varadkar about commemorations of the RIC that he is ‘disappointed to hear that some people are going to boycott the event were “unbecoming of a Taoiseach and shows a nonchalant attitude to the brutality of imperialist rule in Ireland and it shows the government’s hostility to all struggles, even the one that created the Irish State”. Read more ›

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Last week the developer Dwyer Nolan who has bought the entire De La Salle site in Lower Ballyfermot, invited local representatives and the Lower Ballyfermot Residents group to a meeting to discuss his plans for the De La Salle site.
At the meeting he displayed draft plans of what he envisions the site will look like.
Since the land is Zoned Z15 he must leave 25%of the land for public use. The remaining land will have high rise apartments starting at 4 stories and rising to 13 stories in the centre if the site. There’ll also be a mix of duplex houses dotted around the site. In total the Developer Dwyer Nolan has plans to build over 900 units on the De La Salle site.
Under current legislation only 10% of all development must be earmarked for public housing but we want to see much more affordable and public housing for the people of this area.
Due to the motion passed by Dublin City council on behalf of Cllr Hazel de Nortúin, the centre school building will be kept for community use. What exactly that will be is still to be decided upon.
There will also be a vacant section on the site for a new school. We would hope to see a much need multi denominational/ Gaelscoil on this site.
The plans have to be brought to An Board Pleanala and then will be made public. The community and can make observations on what the plans contain.
Once the plans are made public we would like to propose that a public consultation is held with ALL local residents and concerned organisations and will keep you posted on this issue.
Have a happy and peaceful Christmas break
Brid Smith – TD People before Profit
Hazel de Nortuin –  Councillor People before Profit
Contact Hazel at 0851840081

Brid Smith TD with Kieran Mulvey on Just Transition for workers, especially of BNM

Kieran Mulvey has been appointed Commissioner for Just Transition. He attended our Climate Committee today and we had an opportunity to raise concerns. One point I raised is that management of Bord na Mona seem a great pains to avoid engagement with the Workerplace Relations Commission, which the workers very definitely want and need. Workers loosing their jobs need justice.


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Bríd Smith TD raises questions about PDFORRA’s right to full recognition

Our soldiers and sailors are workers and they have a right to proper recognition of their union, PDFORRA, and to be in ICTU. I asked today in the Dáil why the delay over this. The dithering is not acceptable. The forces are loosing members hand over fist because of bad pay and conditions;we’re loosing the very people we rely on during floods and storms to save our communities. This is not good enough.


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Brid Smith TD speaking on domestic violence in the Dail

While violence against women is increasing, nine of our 26 counties have no women’s refuge. The State has only one third of the refuges needed by women and children fleeing domestic violence. Yet Tusla handed back, unspent, €60 million of money earmarked for children in need, to Minister Zapone – when all over the country people trying to provide a service are being told ‘sorry, no funding’. Those in power misuse their position, and our money. FF / FG have to go.


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Bríd Smith TD queries the policies of Coillte

In the Dail environment committee, we had an opportunity to question government and Coillte officials on policies relating to forestry. Each member has 10 mins in which to put questons and receive answers

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