Brid Smith TD: A plea on International Women’s Day for Magdalene survivors

Forgive my breathlessness on this clip – I had been questioning issues related to Jobpath in the committee rooms – some way away from the Dáil chamber when my turn came to speak – so I ran because this is important. Yes we remember Enda Kenny’s words and tears about the Magdalene women. But actions speak louder than words, a point I wasn’t allowed put to Coveney. Seven women have died waiting for redress. Wouldn’t it be a great gesture if on International Womens’ Day the government GUARANTEED all resources needed to give these women redress – NOW?

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People Before Profit TD calls for Government to pay redress to Magdalene survivors without any more delay

Press Release- Bríd Smith TD, People Before Profit       06/03/2018

People Before Profit TD Bríd Smith will call on the government to act and stop any delay in paying out redress to the Magdalene survivors.
Deputy Smith will raise the issue today, with Leo Varadkar, at promised legislation in the Dáil today.
This is a response to the news that at least seven survivors of the institutions have passed away while awaiting payments in compensation for their suffering. Read more ›

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Brid wins appeal for added Dail sitting to get early referendum plans over the line

Today in the Dail Brid made an appeal that they would sit on Friday in order to make sure the procedure to ensure a May referendum on the Eigth amendment would not be delayed. Leo agreed.

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Bríd demands Taoiseach guarantees extra fuel allowance for vulnerable people

NO MORE MR NICE GUY! Leo’s mask slipped today when pressed over the issue of helping the vulnerable to avoid freezing! I asked him to guarantee fuel for those most in need, in the face of the big freeze – after all, he’s plenty of money (€5 million) to spend on his ‘spin doctors’. But instead of making that promise he got all narky and accused us of wanting to waste money on a referndum about water. We need water and we need fuel – we don’t bloody need HIM OR HIS SPIN!

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Bríd defends worker’s pensions rights in Dáil Éireann

HOW DARE THEY! The reckless treatment of worker’s pensions schemes means that those like Irish Life workers like are thrown to the wolves. And yet the government sits on its hands. When the bankers needed bailing out they changed the law overnight, literally, to do it. What about workers? And if they strike – aren’t they dead right to do so!!

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Dáil Communications committee TD opposes plan to get Revenue to collect new TV licence

Press Release- Bríd Smith TD, People Before Profit    27/02/2018

Plan is a rerun of Household Charge and sets a bad precedent says Brid Smith TD

A Dáil report which recommends that the TV licence fee becomes a general broadcasting charge to be collected by the Revenue Commissioners has been attacked by one of the committee members.

Committee member Bríd Smith has dissented from some of the report’s recommendations and says that the proposal is a rerun of the household charge and would be a regressive move.

She said: “The proposal would apply to all households regardless of income or even if they availed of the service. I think using Revenue to collect unpopular charges sets another bad precedent and will rightly anger lots of people.” Read more ›

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Bríd questions Irish Water in Dáil committee.

I got the chance to question IRISH WATER officials last week. There were two issues I wanted information on: the fate of workers in the ‘industry’, and their approach to fixing leaks. Most of us don’t trust Irish Water and the proposals on “excess use” are a backdoor to re-introducing water charges. Irish Water had asked for support in getting communities to accept a program to “address leaks” which strikes me as more about figuring “excess use” and little to do the real waste – LEAKS IN THE SYSTEM, NOT OUR HOMES.

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Bríd speaks on Primetime RTE, about her Climate Emergency Bill

Keep It In The Ground! That was the message for our slot on Primtime on RTE Television last week. Myself and David McMullin were interviewed for the programme on foot of the success of my Climate Emergency Bill. This short video has selected clips – you can see the entire section from the programme here:

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Bríd Smith TD- National Development Plan “fantasy and fraud”

Press Release- Bríd Smith TD, People Before Profit


People Before Profit TD, Bríd Smith, has labelled the new government National Development Plan a “fantasy and a fraud”.

“We are being promised pie in the sky, but only by 2040, we will have new hospitals, houses and trains, but only by 2040. This National Development Plan is simply a pre-election gimmick by Varadkar’s spin team,” said the Dublin South Central TD. Read more ›

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Bríd welcomes report on lone parents but demands action.



Today in the Dáil I welcomed a new report on the position of lone parents in Ireland and referenced @S.P.A.R.K- Single Parents Acting for the Rights of our Kids. SPARK and others also welcome the report, but the main point still needs to be tackled – ie POVERTY. Lone parents are the largest group of people in this country suffering from consistent poverty. Now let’s have some action on sorting that.

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