Labour’s Alan Kelly has found a new way of boosting the profits of the waste companies – charge people for the contents of their green bins.

Up to now, people were encouraged to separate their recyclable waste and put it into a green bin – for free. But according to the gremlins in Alan Kelly’s Department of the Environment, the population were cheating and throwing in other materials into their green bins.

The waste companies lobbied for change – and Kelly signed up.

From July 1st waste will be measured by weight and the green bins will be weighed.

Brid Smith, from People Before Profit said,

‘Waste collection is a matter for public health and should be collected by the public authorities. Privatisation has proved to be a disaster.

‘The waiver system for low income families has been removed. Collection prices are rising. And there is more illegal dumping going on.

‘We need to get rid of terrible companies like Greyhound who have treated their own workers disgracefully and their customers in a cavalier fashion. The local authorities should take back control of waste’.


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