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People Before Profit Economic Policy


  1. Abolish water charges, property tax and USC for those under €70,000.
  2. Reverse the cuts to social welfare and develop quality public services.
  3. Put Ireland’s natural resources under public ownership.
  4. End Ireland’s role as a tax haven and establish a new development model with state enterprise creating tens of thousands of new jobs in areas including childcare, construction, healthcare, water maintenance and infrastructure, education.
  5. Reverse the post-crash policy of making low and middle income Ireland pay the costs of the crash. Shift the burden onto large corporations and wealthy individuals by:
    • Making corporations pay a minimum tax on profits on 12.5% by closing loopholes. Raise the rate to 15% over the life of the Dail.
    • Introduce a Robin Hood Tax on financial speculation.
    • Introduce higher rates of income tax for those over €100,000. Move towards amaximum income.
    • Bring the employers contribution to social security up to the EU average for large firms’ overtime.
    • End the status of tax exiles – make all with an Irish passport pay taxes to the Irish state.
    • Introduce a special solidarity tax on the vast profits made from sales of commercial property.
    • Ensure that companies like Apple who benefitted from special treatment pay all their back taxes.
    • Close loopholes and tax breaks used by the corporate pensions industry

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2 comments on “Economic Policy
  1. Nick Hill says:

    Your economic policies work against human nature. It is not a bad thing to be wealthy or ambitious and the adjustments and cut-off points for tax you’ve listed, would clearly stifle personal drive and the affinity to contribute to society. In fact there is a clear undercurrent of hatred in what you’re proposing, especially toward the foreign companies that employ so many on this island.

    Your rationale will always exist, but thankfully it sits on the disgruntled fridges of society where it can be ignored.

    Never forget, you are just a passenger on the plane, not the pilot.

    • Anna Lilley says:

      Dear Nick,

      Have you considered that it is in everyone’s interest, including the wealthy to create an equitable society?

      Society across the west has a growing inequality. We need political discourse to address this.

      Human nature is multi-faceted. As people, we are ambitious, driven, greedy, caring and generous. Brid Smith is making proposals for political debate which we should all be part of.

      Ideally, our country is a democracy where we all contribute but value is not chiefly measured in money. Capitalism seems to be dedicating our society while not delivering for the majority.

      Best wishes,

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