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Bríd is interviewed by Ivan Yates


Brid Smith TD on her vision for a different kind of society


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Brid Smith TD on The Week in Politics, 26.1.20

BrId tell it like it is on topics ranging from the FF/FG leaders debate, carbon tax, farmers & climate change to public transport

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Keep a fighter in the Dáil

Why you vote Bríd Smith Number 1.

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2020 Election Literature

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Bríd Smith TD – a political journey

Brid gives an outline of her background and political development, and asks for your Number 1 vote, Feb 8th

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SHOT OF WHISKEY FOR €950!! Bríd explains why we need your vote.

A young woman told me today that she was serving €950 shots of whiskey last night in one of Dublin’s most notoriously posh hotels, where she waitresses. This anecdote comes coincidentally on the same day as a new report by

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Our first GE 2020 video – view and Vote No 1!

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School secretaries protest outside Dail Eireann

Thousands school secretaries have taken strike action today. They are protesting over a measly pay offer and to demand job security. People Before Profit fully supports the school secretaries. It is a disgrace that the Workplace Relations Commission awarded them

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Bríd Smith TD on the Tonight Show 8.1.20 (part 1)

clips of Brid’s take on the Public Services Card (the Big Brother card?), and aspects of Fine Gael’s legacy and relationship to Fianna Fail.  

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