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Bríd Smith TD and IFPA on Joint Committee for Repeal 8th amendment

I sit on the Joint committee for Repeal of the 8th amendment. Dr Caitriona Henchion, from the IFPA was like a breath of fresh air. It was very helpful to put questions to her about the socio-economic factors surrounding abortion

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Bríd Smith TD today moved a bill in the Dáil entitled “Petroleum and Minerals Extraction Bill (Climate Emergency Bill 2017).

The bill states that a climate emergency exists while levels of Co2 in the atmosphere exceed 350 ppm. (350 ppm is the recognised safe level of atmospheric C02 widely accepted by the scientific community) and while this continues, the Minister

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Brid Smith TD on DriveTime radio 13.11.17 re COP23 environment conference

I spoke on Drivetime (RTE) radio today – 13.11.17 about the #environmental conferance I was at in Germany called COP23 BONN.(The audio clip here is the recording; the pics are from Bonn). I made the point that to tackle #climatechange

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Brid Smith TD on radio’s ‘Late Debate’ programme re Poppy & rememberence

VARADKAR’S SHAMROCK POPPY puts him alongside other war-mongering ‘patriots’ like Blair and Thatcher. The claim is it honours a noble sacrifice. I expressed my views on THE LATE DEBATE on radio the other evening (10.11.17) – here’s a brief clip:

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Brid Smith TD on Joint committee to consider Repeal 8th amendment

Bríd is on the Dáil committee to consider the findings of the Citizen’s Assembley regarding REPEAL 8TH AMENDMENT. Dr Anthony McCarthy, a very clear and experienced psychiatrist working in maternity care responded to her questions and showed that the resources

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Bríd Smith TD speaking at the closing stages of Water Charges Bill, 8.11.2017

The WATER SERVICES BILL 2017 was discussed today in the Dáil. Shamefully it will be passed by FF,FG, LP and the ‘Independants’. It will leave the door open to future attempts to charges and privatisation. But if that happens PEOPLE

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People Before Profit congratulate Citizens’ Assembly recommendations on Climate Change

“Government can no longer remain inactive on climate,” says Brid Smith TD Brid Smith TD, who is on the Dail committee that deals with Climate and the Environment, has warmly welcomed the work of the Citizens’ Assembly on Climate Action.

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JAIL THE BANKERS! radio clip from Claire Byrne’s programme 28.10.17

JAIL THE BANKERS! Why aren’t criminal proceedings being taken against the robber-bankers? This is the point I made on Claire Byrne’s Saturday show yesterday.

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More on the robber bankers: radio clip from Claire Byrne’s programme 28.10.17

MORE ON THE ROBBER-BANKERS: On Claire Byrne’s radio programme yesterday I make the point that light touch regulation let them away with robbery-literally. Michael O’Regan, of The Irish Times, reminded us about the relationships between bankers and senior politicians. Last

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Mayo helicoptor crash-the scandal behind it. Radio clip from Clair Byrne’s show 28.10.17

HELICOPTER DEATHS-THE DARK SIDE! We now find out that not only did the rescue services have dodgy maps – they had dodgy safety equipment and were complaining about this, literally for years before the terrible acccident in Mayo. I referred

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