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Brid Smith TD supporting the Ryanair pilot’s strike

VICTORY TO THE RYANAIR STRIKERS! Great to see the strikers meet at ALSAA and picket the roundabout at Dublin Airport. Their victory will be important to all workers, skilled and unskilled, who come up against the greed of their millionaire

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Brid Smith TD addresses striking Ryanair pilots meeting 12.7.18

I was humbled to be invited to speak at the meeting of the striking Ryanair pilots today. Their battle with Ryanair is historic and these men and women are heroes.

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Brid Smith TD speaking on her CLIMATE EMERGENCY BILL, RTE radio 1

I was interviewed this morning on RTE’s This Week radio show (Sunday July 1, 18). David Horgan of Petrel Resources spoke in favour of more exploration for fossil fuels – I spoke against. This followed a lovely morning on the

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Brid Smith TD speaks on Pat Kenny show about Climate Change

Brid has a Bill going through process in the Dáil, that seeks to ban further exploration for fossil fuels off the Irish coast. She explains on the Pat Kenny radio programme on FM106, 20.6.18.

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Bríd on the Late Debate on RTE radio 1, 12.6.18: cervical screening

The issue of outsourcing health services, to for-profit companies, lies at the heart of the cervical screening catastrophe

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Bríd on the pope’s visit and other issues

Bríd was on The Tonight Show last night – 11.6.18. Some selected clips here dealing with the pope’s visit and opt-out schemes for anti-choice doctors.

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Bríd speaking at final rally for solidarity with Belfast rape victim

The magnificent #Iblieveher demo on 31st March 2018, ended at the Dept of Justice, Stephens Green. Bríd was one of the speakers at the final rally.

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Bríd Smith – Late Debate 28.3.18

Cips of Bríd speaking on RTE’s radio programme, Late Debate – 28.3.18. (live streaming on the internet gives us video footage, albeit badly synced). Topics included Irish neutrality, Leo’s spin machine and Coveney’s input on the Repeal debate.

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Bríd on Claire Byrne Live, 12.3.17, discusses Irish neutrality

MONEY FOR WAR OR MONEY FOR HEALTH? Given a choice most of us would say spend for health care, not for killing people. But our government wants to do the opposite. It makes me very angry. Our soldiers are underpaid,

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Brid Smith TD: Referendum on the Eighth Amendment – The Week in Politics

Bríd discussed various aspects of the forthcoming referendum on the eighth amendment to the consitution on The Week in Politics 11.3.18  

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