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Bríd speaking at final rally for solidarity with Belfast rape victim

The magnificent #Iblieveher demo on 31st March 2018, ended at the Dept of Justice, Stephens Green. Bríd was one of the speakers at the final rally.

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Bríd Smith – Late Debate 28.3.18

Cips of Bríd speaking on RTE’s radio programme, Late Debate – 28.3.18. (live streaming on the internet gives us video footage, albeit badly synced). Topics included Irish neutrality, Leo’s spin machine and Coveney’s input on the Repeal debate.

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Bríd on Claire Byrne Live, 12.3.17, discusses Irish neutrality

MONEY FOR WAR OR MONEY FOR HEALTH? Given a choice most of us would say spend for health care, not for killing people. But our government wants to do the opposite. It makes me very angry. Our soldiers are underpaid,

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Brid Smith TD: Referendum on the Eighth Amendment – The Week in Politics

Bríd discussed various aspects of the forthcoming referendum on the eighth amendment to the consitution on The Week in Politics 11.3.18  

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Bríd on RTE’s Week in Politics: Stats, Spin and visiting Trum

I was was on the The Week in Politics programme on RTE 1 last evening (11.3.17). Among other issues we discussed Garda statistices, Leo’s spin machine, and his impending visit to the USA and Trump.

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Late Debate, RTE radio 1, 23.1.18. Bríd speaks on the Housing Crisis

I was on the late debate on RTE radio on Tues, with John Paul Phelan FG, James Lawless FF and Joan Burton, Labour, for my sins. The audio clip below is about the housing crisis- the great disgrace of all

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Protest against zero-hour contracts outside Dept of an Taoiseach today

Proud to stand with these workers who highlight the realities of precarious work practices

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Brid Smith TD on Pensioners for Equality demo 29.11.17 at Dáil

Tonight protest about pensions inequality was spirited and fiery, despite the cold. Fair play to the Pensioners for Equality and watch this space!

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Brid Smith TD An Nuacht TG4: 23.11.17.

The gist of this is that the now Tanaiste, then Minister for Justice, knew they were trying to stitich up Maurice McCabe and did nothing about it. We’ll be voting no confidence.

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Brid Smith TD and BPAS on Oireachteas committe on Repeal of 8th. 22.11.17

In the Oireachteas Joint Committe on the question of Repeal of the 8th, I put questions to the PBAS representative today, 22.11.17

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